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Providence Village and Aubrey in talks on joint police department

Providence Village and Aubrey are in negotiations to create a joint police department.

The town of Providence Village does not have its own police force. A partnership would expand Aubrey's department to provide patrols and respond to calls in both municipalities, according to Providence Village Town Manager Brian Roberson.

"We have continued talking to Aubrey about the possibilities and what it would look like," Roberson said. "There's not many details that I can make public at this point."

"There's incremental progress being made."

Aubrey Mayor Janet Meyers also would not comment on details until the deal was finalized. The Providence Village Town Council is scheduled to vote on the agreement at a meeting March 21. The Aubrey City Council is also set to vote this month.

Providence Village is a town of more than 5,000 people located along U.S. Highway 380 between Cross Roads and Little Elm. It consists mainly of a master-planned community and incorporated as a general-law town in 2010. Voters approved a home-rule charter in 2015, granting the town broader authority to govern itself, but it still doesn't have its own police department.

The town has an agreement with the Denton County Sheriff's Office for a deputy to patrol the neighborhoods and enforce ordinances.

Providence Village Mayor Pro Tem Michael Jordan said the deal has advantages over creating a new department.

"Any time you can partner, I think that's better than starting from scratch," Jordan said. "You come in with some experience, you can bring in some new equipment, you get a chance to work with another partner and community."

While deputies will respond at any time to emergency calls, Jordan said the town is looking for 24-hour police patrols, which the sheriff's office does not provide. A deputy is assigned to Providence Village for just a portion of each day.

"That's something we're looking to change in the near future," Jordan said. "Having someone patrolling all the time, it makes a difference."

Meyers said expanding the department to serve Providence Village will also help provide service to the incoming Winn Ridge development, which has been annexed into the Aubrey city limits. The development is actually located closer to Providence Village than Aubrey proper.