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The death of a child is a soul-shattering experience, leaving the strongest of men groveling in its wake. Some say it’s a weight that can never be lifted, while others say the hole can never be filled. “Our children are supposed to outlive us” is the motto most parents agree upon, but it’s one that death often ignores.

League’s generous history on display

What started as a Commissioners Court resolution has become a Courthouse-on-the-Square Museum exhibit honoring the Denton Benefit League.

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Business Chronicle

DR-C Football 2014

DR-C Football 2014


Ghost means business

His are the footsteps in the dark that cause stage lights to flicker as he approaches. He’s been called an optical illusion when he appears sitting in the auditorium, as if he were watching an old movie.


DVD reviews: Survivor’s guilt

Briefly in the arts

Jim Stodola: Even when it’s overcast, Seattle shines

Flu shots on the rise in Denton County

It’s time again for those familiar needle pricks that come from vaccinations to ward off any potential flu virus attack. As the flu season begins and clinics provide Denton County residents a chance to get themselves and their loved ones protection against this year’s viruses, health officials are hoping supply can keep up with what may be an increased demand.

Taking on Ebola fears with facts

Hospitals urged to ‘think Ebola’

Report: Sheriff's deputy tests negative for Ebola

First Ebola patient diagnosed in the U.S. dies