Long lost

Al Key /DRC
Sometimes she’s curled up in a fetal position on a beige-colored carpet in a dark room. Other times she’s lying atop a mound of hay in the center of a clearing surrounded by trees. Long, dark hair always covers the side of her pale face. She never moves, and her mother never sees blood in the dreams; nothing but her daughter’s lifeless body forever trapped in a fetal position.

Answers for some of the missing

FORT WORTH — Linda Milburn knew the homeless man with the big grin simply as “Smiley.” After two decades on the streets, and bouts with mental illness and a stroke, even Smiley didn’t know his real name.Milburn...

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Business Chronicle

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Babies of 2015


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Allow me to introduce a new economic indicator. It doesn’t come from a government agency, nor is it the creation of a right- or left-leaning think tank. In a land of indices and measures, there is so little attention to this problem that I had to create the measure myself.

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Using certain electronic cigarettes at high temperature settings could potentially release more formaldehyde, a cancer-causing chemical, than smoking traditional cigarettes does, new lab tests suggest.

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