Liquor store opens in city

Denton’s first liquor store is officially here. The Liquor Outpost opened Saturday and is the first place to sell bottles of hard liquor in the city limits.

Food stamp recipients could start working soon

WASHINGTON — New federal grants will help 10 states test programs to help food stamp recipients find jobs, from using career coaches to quicker training courses to mental health assistance.

Scott Burns: Transforming home equity into a better retirement

Imagine you are in your 60s, looking over your shoulder for signs that your job will soon disappear. Imagine you don’t have a pension. Imagine you don’t have much money in your 401(k) plan. Indeed, you may have next to nothing. What you have is your home, one you have lived in for a long time — long enough to have paid off the mortgage.

Briefly in Denton

Two new restaurants are moving downtown, N.Y. Pizza and Pasta and Dix Coney Island.


Health insurance law paperwork costs small businesses thousands

NEW YORK — Complying with the health insurance law is costing small businesses thousands of dollars that they didn’t have to spend before the new regulations went into effect.

Kim Phillips: SXSW features Denton flavor

We are standing at the crossroads of the world. There is Sweden over there. Singapore and Germany are just a little farther down. There is NASA. Austin, Tyler and Texas are behind us. Oh, and I see China off to the right.

For The Dallas Morning News

Innovative thinker

ADDISON — Eric McGehearty has never read a book in his life, and he couldn’t if he tried.

Energy agency sees more oil declines

NEW YORK (AP) — Oil prices have further to drop with few signs of slowing production in the U.S., according to a global energy agency.

Scott Burns: You, too, can live near water

SARASOTA, Fla. — I am aboard the Sea Gypsy again, interviewing manufactured home residents some days, being deckhand and cook on my friend’s trawler on others. But I admire the beauty of the Intracoastal Waterway every day.

Briefly in business

Fruit bouquet chain Edible Arrangements will join the Adagio building this summer.


Start pedaling

Spring is right around the corner and Denton cyclists emerging from hibernation now have another resource for their biking needs.

Kim Phillips: Welcome center in the works

Acouple of weeks ago while visiting my family in East Texas, I took my parents out to lunch. My dad loves to chat with servers, and this occasion was no exception. In the course of their conversation, our young server mentioned that she had attended the University of North Texas in Denton until recently. I piped in telling her UNT was also my alma mater and that I stayed in Denton after finishing school.

AP file photo

How short-term viral hits can transform a small business

NEW YORK — Fifteen minutes of Internet fame can create long-term riches for a small business.

Courtesy photo

Growing a company

The startup scene in Denton is continuing to grow, as entrepreneurs tackle areas in technology.

Kim Phillips: St. Patrick's Day is soon upon us

March is here and with its arrival, winter finally blew in. That old groundhog got it right this time around. He predicted six more weeks of winter, and since the season seemed to have skipped Texas all together this year, we may have wondered if his forecast was for everywhere but here. Apparently what he meant to say for us is that winter was yet to come.

Scott Burns: Two ways to own a manufactured home

PALMETTO, Florida — Judy Smith slides her white convertible into a parking spot. She greets me at the door to the Country Lakes Co-Op Inc., a resident-owned manufactured home community. The clubhouse overlooks a sylvan lake. Many of the houses sport embroidered flags, waving in the breeze. Golf carts abound. Traffic is far away.


How upcoming legal cases may change the future of franchises

NEW YORK — Are franchises small, independent businesses or should they be considered part of a much larger company? The question is at the heart of two upcoming legal cases. The outcomes could affect profits and change how franchisees hire, fire, manage and pay workers.

Pricey water prices a concern for airport

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A court fight over retail operations at one of the nation’s busiest airports led to a charges Friday that passengers are being gouged on bottled water prices.

Kim Phillips: Denton travelers spring back from storm's effects

Last Tuesday, someone on Facebook posted a picture of freshly sprouted flowers laid flat, only their little green leaf tips visible. The photo caption referenced our mini-Icemageddon: “This ice is a life ruiner.”


Two pubs debut in spite of ice

Winter weather closed schools and offices this week, but the doors were open at two brand-new businesses.


Digital dilemma

NEW YORK — When one of Ileaa Swift’s employees posted homophobic comments on Facebook, the reaction was quick.

Kim Phillips: Travel key to Texas’ vitality

“Life’s Better in a State of Travel.” This is the Texas Travel Industry Association’s brand tagline. This column’s regular readers know I talk a lot about branding, how it’s much more than a mere logo.

DRC file photo

Tax abatement to help Peterbilt expand

Peterbilt will soon begin a $23 million expansion of its current plant in Denton, now with the help of a tax abatement from the city.

Scott Burns: Simplicity tends to overcome complexity

Even a gently thrown rock can bring down a glass house. That image came to mind last summer as I read a research note by two Ph.D.s in finance, Jason Hsu and Vitali Kalesnik. Both work at Research Affiliates, of which Hsu is a co-founder.

For many, cash saved at pump staying in pockets

WASHINGTON — In recent months, the stage seemed set for American consumers to do what they’ve traditionally done best: Spend money — and drive the economy.

Briefly in business

More stores and restaurants have signed on to join Rayzor Ranch Town Center, including In-N-Out Burger, Raising Cane’s and Chili’s.


Shop to leave Square site

After 23 years of selling home decor, clothing and other specialty items at The Courthouse Collection, business owner Karen Wilson is moving the shop to Krum.


Special delivery

For many, a Friday night is the week’s first moment of relaxation. The end of the work week is greeted with television, sweatpants and, now, a restaurant meal delivered right to the doorstep.

Kim Phillips: What is the Thin Line?

There is a thin line between love and hate, humor and sarcasm, genius and madness.These are just some of many idioms in the English language that refer to a thin line as a reference point. What is a thin line, exactly?

Scott Burns: Couch potato investing wins again

Couch Potato investors trumped the big dogs again! In 2014, the basic Couch Potato Portfolio, a 50/50 mix of two low-cost index funds, returned 8.16 percent while the Morningstar average for all “moderate allocation” funds was only 6.21 percent.

AP file photo

United says it has tentative deal to outsource airport jobs

DALLAS — United Airlines said Friday that it has a tentative agreement with a union to outsource about 1,150 airport jobs while sparing another 800 positions.

Briefly in business

Pedro’s Tex-Mex and Grill is a few weeks away from opening its third location, at the corner of Bell Avenue and McKinney Street in Denton.

AP file photo

Balancing campaign and small business on Vitter’s agenda

NEW YORK — The new chairman of the Senate Committee on Small Business & Entrepreneurship has big issues on his agenda, but he’ll have to fit them in with a high-profile gubernatorial campaign.

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Bud vs. craft

RICHMOND, Va. — Attention die-hard craft beer drinkers: This Bud’s not for you.


Social media join to help women in tech

MENLO PARK, Calif. — Facebook and LinkedIn want to boost dwindling numbers of women studying engineering and computer science with a collaborative initiative announced Friday that they hope will eventually fill thousands of lucrative Silicon Valley jobs long dominated by men.

Kim Phillips: CVB’s Lodge named to board

Readers often ask, “Don’t you ever run out of ideas to write about?” Honestly, no. There are limitless nuances about our culture and the way we go about life here in Denton, not to mention a never-ending parade of colorful characters, past and present. I mean that in the most positive way.

Scott Burns: Is diversification worthwhile?

Diversification. It’s as good as motherhood, as important as beer, as beneficial as vitamin C and as reassuring as a communion wafer. Investment professionals swear by it. Academics applaud it. Financial planners demand it.


Investors’ appetite for startups fed by stock market gains

NEW YORK — Some entrepreneurs looking for startup funding got a wad of money near the end of last year, but there are concerns the boom may not last.

Briefly in business

As new bar and music venue Harvest House is nearing completion, the business is now looking to hire bartenders and baristas.

Maggie Jover: Tips offered on stockbrokers

There are several categories of firms and individuals that claim to be financial advisors, and while it is a little complicated to distinguish among them, here are a few things to know.

RadioShack in Golden Triangle Mall closes

Electronics retailer RadioShack is preparing to reach a bankruptcy deal, and the financial turmoil surrounding the company is affecting local stores.


Subway exits Square site

The Subway sandwich shop on the downtown Square is now closed and will become part of Barley & Board, a new brew pub and restaurant slated to open this spring. The restaurant will now occupy the entire first floor of the Texas Building at the corner of Oak and Locust streets, instead of the ground floor of the property being split between two businesses.


Future looks bright

Looking at the governing boards of nonprofit organizations in the area, most don’t have board members under 40 years old.

Kim Phillips: Making history in Denton

The National Park Service is in the final phase of a four-year feasibility study and environmental assessment of both the historic Chisholm and Western Cattle trails for possible designation as National Historic Trails.

Scott Burns: New alternative to using cash

Economist David Ranson asks a question we all want answered. What can we use as an alternative to cash? Listen to his answer.


Stocks sag at the close; January finishes on weak note

The U.S. stock market capped a rough month Friday, delivering its third loss in five days and extending its declines for the year.

Lawsuit: Exploding air bag killed Texas man

HOUSTON (AP) — The family of a Texas man who died in a minor traffic accident is alleging in a lawsuit that their loved one is the latest person to be killed by shrapnel shooting out of exploding air bags made by Takata Corp. of Japan.

Dallas Morning News file photo

Albertsons merges with Safeway

Albertsons completed its acquisition of Tom Thumb’s parent company Safeway on Friday. That makes Albertsons-Safeway the largest traditional grocer in the Dallas-Fort Worth area by market share and store count, ahead of Kroger.

Briefly in business

The Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce recognized local businesses and members at its annual awards luncheon on Tuesday.


Businesses stay clear of using Super Bowl name

PHOENIX — It is the game that must not be named — at least not without permission.