Home decor showcase this weekend

Old-fashioned signs, refurbished furniture and the scent of kettle corn popping will mark Denton’s first Vintage Market Days, a three-day vendor showcase this coming weekend.


Peace of mind

SOUTHWEST OF JUSTIN — Jessica Logan, 35, has strummed upon one of her deceased husband’s guitars late into the night until her fingertips bled.


Kim Phillips: Dog Days, game day promise fun for all

Relaxing in the grassy shade, eyes closed, white and golden-blonde hair dancing in the breeze, Ellie is tired. She works day in and day out without complaint. Lifting her head to check perimeters, because she’s never really off work, she considers how long it’s been since she went somewhere just for fun.

Scott Burns: Food guidelines apply to financial products

Sometimes you learn by walking around. A few days ago I was returning home from my regular 4-mile walk around Lady Bird Johnson Lake in downtown Austin. It was a great day, bright but almost cool.

Briefly in business


Businesses can learn from negative online reviews

NEW YORK — It is a double-edged cybersword: a negative review of a restaurant or other business, posted for the world to see.Anyone who peruses Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google and companies’ own websites can...


Denton a hotspot for decor trend

In just five years, the vendor showcase Vintage Market Days has grown to 36 cities across several states, illustrating the upward trend of vintage-style decor. The first Denton show next weekend will highlight what is already around town — such as longtime Square businesses like Garden Gate and newer shops like Vintage Bleu — displaying their antique furniture, refurbished goods and home decor for thousands.

What’s opened, what’s closed

Sprouts Farmers Market has pushed back its opening again, this time to Wednesday, Oct. 5, at 7 a.m. The store at 4930 Teasley Lane was supposed to open June 29, but the opening was pushed to Aug. 24 and then to Sept. 14. Be sure to check Sprouts’ online pages before you go.

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Tebow’s serious, but Mets cashing in

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. — Mets fans can buy a few jerseys featuring names of players in the team’s instructional league. Cespedes jerseys, they’re big sellers. Cone jerseys, available as throwbacks.


Tina Mims: Startup mentor can offer valuable tips

While there are many resources available to help you start a new business, sometimes it really helps to talk with someone who has startup experience. Those of us with a passion to help potential entrepreneurs look forward to these conversations, as we know the words “I have an idea” can lead to the independence of business ownership.

Calendar of Events


Pipeline could reopen today

ATLANTA — A main gasoline line is expected to restart today with a temporary bypass after a leak and spill in Alabama led to surging fuel prices and some gas shortages across the South, a company official said Tuesday.


Innovation, safety sought in self-driving car guidelines

WASHINGTON — Saying they were doing something no other government has done, Obama administration officials rolled out a plan Tuesday they say will enable automakers to get self-driving cars onto the road without compromising safety.

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Jonathon Fite: Investing in a low-fear, complacent market

Sell in May and go away? That old adage did not hold up so well this summer. In fact, while there was brief spike in fear and an associated sell-off in markets when news of the “Brexit” vote came in late June, for the most part, markets quickly shrugged those fears off and charged ahead.

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Heather Steele: Make the most of your 2016 marketing budget

Have you used your marketing budget this year? Have you planned your marketing for next year? Here’s what you could be missing.

Area Chamber Roundup

Chuck Carpenter: County game plan in works for 85th Legislature

The Denton Chamber of Commerce recently coordinated the first meeting of our standing initiative to present a united front during the state legislative session.


Wells Fargo CEO apologizes as senators heap criticism on bank

WASHINGTON — The CEO of Wells Fargo faced accusations of fraud and calls for his resignation Tuesday from critical senators at a hearing over allegations that bank employees opened millions of accounts customers didn’t know about to meet aggressive sales quotas.


Scott Alagood: Real estate investment and the internet

Real estate investment trusts, or REITs, are becoming increasingly popular investments as a part of a diversified investment portfolio. Over a term of many years, REITs have performed very well.

Bayer, Monsanto defend merger

WASHINGTON — Top officials for Monsanto and Bayer defended their proposed $66 billion merger before skeptical senators Tuesday, insisting that the deal would lead to greater investments in technology that could help American farmers.

Salex Tax

Building Permits

Mixed Beverage Tax

Assumed Names



Brothers opening food truck hub in Denton

The former storefront of Ken’s Produce on 410 N. Bell Ave. hosts what food service entrepreneurs Scott and Cameron Bonfield see as the perfect food truck hub compared to even Dallas and Fort Worth.


Kim Phillips: Oaktopia prepares for its big 4th year

Four years ago, he was just another kid with a dream. He loves and plays music. He’s been booking gigs for years. In fact, booking bands is how it all began. It is Oaktopia, and the then-kid-now-producer is Matt Battaglia.

Scott Burns: Difference between managed fund and index fund

Q: Please explain the difference between a managed mutual fund and an indexed mutual fund.

Briefly in business


Women driving auto industry, from design to dealerships

CHICAGO (TNS) — Women are fueling the red-hot auto industry, long dominated by men. They influence over 80 percent of automotive purchases and drive more than 50 percent of autos sold annually in the U.S. Since 2012, women held more drivers licenses than men.


Left in limbo

WASHINGTON (TNS) — The for-profit college boom has gone bust. Closures of high-profile schools such as ITT Technical Institute have left thousands of students in limbo while raising questions about the future of an industry that provides much of the training for vocational, technical and other mid-level skilled jobs.

Scott Burns: Your vote has value no matter who it’s spent on

Psychologists call it a “double avoidance situation.” To understand, imagine yourself in a tunnel. A man with a whip stands at one end. A rabid dog paces at the other. You are in the middle.


Kim Phillips: Tourism to city might be boosted by bridge

Something big happened this weekend. If you are one of the thousands who regularly drive Interstate 35E, then like me, you are thrilled. We’ve waited a long time, more impatiently than not. The Lewisville Lake bridge is open!

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Chipotle tests using drones for delivery

NEW YORK (AP) — Flying burritos will soon be a reality over Virginia Tech. Chipotle is taking part in a test this month that will let some of the university’s students and staff have their favorite tortilla-wrapped meal delivered by drone.


Tech helps safely steer older drivers

SAN FRANCISCO — Older drivers may soon be traveling a safer road thanks to smarter cars that can detect oncoming traffic, steer clear of trouble and even hit the brakes when a collision appears imminent.


Airbnb tries to fight racism with rule changes

SAN FRANCISCO (TNS) — Accused of doing too little to thwart discrimination on its short-term home rental platform, Airbnb announced policy changes Thursday that are intended to educate and punish hosts who don’t follow its rules and protect guests.


Firms start to move away from performance reviews

PITTSBURGH (TNS) — Feedback done well can stitch an organization together. Yet few companies do it well. That may explain why more than four-fifths of firms are ditching standard year-end performance reviews and ratings, including Goldman Sachs and General Electric.

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Small businesses look to Congress for action

NEW YORK — With Congress back at work, small business owners are hoping issues they care about like tax reform or health care will get some attention. They may be left waiting a while.

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Surging skylines

WASHINGTON (TNS) — Nearly a decade after the Great Recession stalled construction nationwide, the industry is roaring back: In 43 states, construction is now contributing more to the economy than it did in 2010, creating a de

Scott Burns: Government benefiting off student loan repayment

One of the odd things about borrowing money when you go to college is that you borrow the money when you don’t have enough income to pay taxes. When it comes time to pay back the money, however, you’ll...


Kim Phillips: Square to be a dream for area car collectors

For the past 16 years, the second Saturday in September in downtown Denton has been all about boys and their toys. OK, so it’s not all about boys. Lots of girls like cars, motorcycles and things that go zoom, too. This coming Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., the Square will look like a car collector’s dream come true.

Briefly in business

Women in Commerce luncheon scheduledThe Denton Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with Texas Woman’s University and Sally Beauty, will host its sixth annual Women in Commerce Fall Luncheon at 11 a.m....


No-tipping trend gaining traction at restaurants

PORTLAND, Ore. — When the bill comes after a meal, there’s no crunching numbers for the tip — just pay and go. A small but growing number of restaurants are doing away with the tipping model that’s long been the norm in the United States. It’s an effort to even disparate pay among restaurant staff and offer them more predictability, as well as a means to cope with rising minimum wages and other industry changes.


A name’s legacy

Leather craftsman Clint Wilkinson wants the tiny corner building next to Weldon’s Saddle Shop and Western Wear on East Hickory Street to be known for producing the finest handbags in America. This past holiday season cemented what he believes to be his lifelong destiny.

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Tale of two food trucks

Shadan Price and JB Pascal are friends and fellow food truck operators in downtown Denton. But the food they serve could not be more different.

Kim Phillips: Game day, Dentoning collide on Saturdays

On Monday morning, Denton’s daytime population will swell by the thousands as students from the University of North Texas and Texas Woman’s University begin classes.


Companies turn to ‘reverse mentoring’ to tap millennials’ knowledge

MINNEAPOLIS (TNS) — Mentorship is getting turned on its head in today’s multigenerational workplace. Technology has flipped traditional roles, and the younger workers now have a thing or two to teach the veterans.

Scott Burns: Internet makes tracking finances, investments easier

My house just went “dark.” No cable TV, no internet. I was worried this would happen as the heavy equipment started to accumulate.

Briefly in Denton

Serve Denton, beneficiary to several local nonprofits, has been awarded a $17,000 grant from DATCU Credit Union as a result of their partnership.