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North Texas apartment rents increase at a record rate; average nears $1,000

Dallas-Fort Worth apartment renters this year are getting slammed with record rent increases.

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Fusion forms huge health care network

DALLAS — The University of Texas Board of Regents Friday approved a plan to meld several functions of UT Southwestern Medical Center with Texas Health Resources, to create one of the largest health care networks in the state.

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40 percent of millennials pay for print, online news

NEW YORK — In a world flush with free information, some young people are still willing to shell out for news they read.

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Kim Phillips: Denton's futuristic marketing leads way

It was with great pride and satisfaction that I officially passed the gavel. My year as chair of the board of the Texas Travel Industry Association recently concluded at the annual Texas Travel Summit.

Scott Burns: Letter from France: How about retiring here?

SAINT JULIEN-DE-LAMPON, France — It isn’t easy to find this place on a map.

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Wal-Mart makes cuts to be more agile

NEW YORK — Wal-Mart laid off 450 workers at its headquarters Friday as the world’s largest retailer attempts to become more nimble so that it can better compete with the likes of Amazon.com.

Court upholds $236M verdict in Exxon Mobil pollution case

CONCORD, N.H. — New Hampshire’s highest court upheld a record $236 million judgment Friday against Exxon Mobil for its use of a gasoline additive that contaminated groundwater in the state.


‘It’s more competition’

When Guitar Center opens in Rayzor Ranch Marketplace on Thursday, Denton will have its first corporate-owned music store.

Kim Phillips: Denton to unveil new version of Oktoberfest

I open my column today with a quote from history.com: “Bavarian Crown Prince Louis, later King Louis I of Bavaria, marries Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. The Bavarian royalty invited the citizens of Munich to attend the festivities, held on the fields in front of the city gates.”

Scott Burns: Despite falling stock prices, U.S. is doing well

The good ship USA, as measured by the Barrel Standard, is doing nicely, thank you very much.

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Patents, costs cause high prescription drug prices

TRENTON, N.J. — Sticker-shocked patients increasingly wonder why prices for prescription drugs continue to rise in the U.S.

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Robot revolution sweeps China’s factory floors

SHENZHEN, China — In China’s factories, the robots are rising.


California regulators restore emissions-cutting fuel rule

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California regulators on Friday restored ambitious rules to cut transportation fuel emissions 10 percent within five years, a decision that gives Gov. Jerry Brown a boost for his climate change agenda.

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Movie Tavern work to begin

Work will begin soon on the expansion and renovation of the Denton Movie Tavern. Berkadia commercial mortgage announced Monday that it arranged a $29.8 million loan to finance the Denton Center.


Witherspoon Distillery relocating its operations to Old Town Lewisville

If you’ve driven around Old Town Lewisville in recent months, you may wonder what’s happening where the abandoned Piggly Wiggly once stood at 225 S. Charles St.

Coyote Drive-In adds sixth screen to planned complex in Lewisville

Flooding in the spring slowed construction on a new drive-in theater complex in Lewisville, but it also paved the way for an added benefit.

Kim Phillips: Denton at center of frenzy of festivals

Something wonderful about being Original Independent Denton is that our original, independent ideals, interests and expressions often occur simultaneously.

Scott Burns: Funding assisted living requires short-term investing

Question: My parents have had to sell their home and move to an assisted-living facility. We will need to use the money from that sale to help pay their monthly rent. They were able to net about $425,000 from the sale, and they will need to withdraw about $3,000 per month to help pay for assisted living. Where would you suggest putting the $425,000 so it is safe and also can continue to grow and last as long as possible?


Fed decision mystifies some experts

WASHINGTON — So what will it take for the Federal Reserve to finally raise interest rates?

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EPA says VW intentionally violates clean air standards

WASHINGTON — The Environmental Protection Agency said Friday that Volkswagen intentionally skirted clean air laws by using a piece of software that enabled about 500,000 of its diesel cars to emit fewer smog-causing pollutants during testing than in real-world driving conditions.

Grocer development

There are two deserts in Denton. Large pockets of land on the southwest and northeast corners of the city do not have grocery stores within walking distance for area residents. The U.S. Department of Agriculture classifies those pockets as “food deserts.”

Good Karma

Late on a Thursday night, about 50 people held synchronized poses under the Christmas lights on the Denton Square. The Courthouse on the Square lawn is just one of 10 locations where the Karma Yoga group gathers for classes. Whether it’s local breweries, banks, clothing stores, bars or a random outdoor location, Karma finds a way to make each space its own personal studio.


New investor capital has daily fantasy sports companies eying breakout NFL season

BOSTON — The daily fantasy sports industry is eyeing a breakout season as NFL games begin.

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Dallas’ Luminant joining solar rush in West Texas

Luminant, one of Texas’ largest coal power generators, is joining the rush to build utility-scale solar farms in West Texas in another sign of the technology’s rapidly declining costs.

Kim Phillips: Appreciate, respect law enforcement

When she was a young teen, I remember my daughter coming home from school one day in a T-shirt with the word ANARCHY in large letters across the front of it. “Take that shirt off!” I demanded immediately. “Where did you get it and why would you wear such a thing!”

Scott Burns: Understanding the art of making everyone happy

Let’s make a scary assumption: You ran for office and won. You are a new member of Congress. Now you have the truly scary task of talking to constituents about things like Social Security and Medicare.

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Charities, companies offer options for iPhones

NEW YORK — Each year, Apple dazzles its devoted fans with faster, sleeker, more powerful iPhones with better cameras and a bevy of bells and whistles. So, what’s to become of last year’s model?

Dallas-area companies in for long haul despite China turmoil

As the Chinese government continues to take steps to stabilize its economy, U.S. companies that do business there are left to wonder what will come next.

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Staying afloat

LEWISVILLE — Despite the apparent hustle and bustle at Pier 121 Marina on Monday afternoon at Lewisville Lake, officials said the marina was nowhere near normal holiday weekend capacity.


Tapas on Tap

Calf fries, chicken liver truffle butter and a blue sangria made with pinot grigio and blueberry vodka will run $21.36 at one of Denton’s newest restaurants, Tex Tapas.

Kim Phillips: Story of Denton told by festivals

Denton is a festival city.

Scott Burns: How to spend more money now and less later

Allow me to introduce the Hedonic Tilt. That’s a formal title for what most of us want to do in retirement. We want to spend more now while we can enjoy it. And we’ll cope with spending less later, when our ability to enjoy spending may have gone by.

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USDA promotional programs historically controversial

WASHINGTON — The slogans are familiar: “The Incredible Edible Egg,” “Pork: The Other White Meat,” and “Got Milk?”

Boeing names new craft Starliner

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — Boeing already has the Dreamliner. Now it also has the Starliner.


U.S. small businesses feel mixed impact from China’s economy

NEW YORK — China’s economic problems have been a windfall for some U.S. small businesses — and pose a threat to others.


Turbulent week ends on a calmer note

Well, that was exciting.


Fast-food joints target snacks

NEW YORK — Forget the Big Mac attack. Now is the time of the snack attack.

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Kim Phillips: Dentoning goes green for UNT football

Two weeks ago, Livability.com named Denton No. 5 on the list of the top 10 college towns in the United States, and my column opened like this: “Word: Dentoning. Definition: Exploring the shops, restaurants, music venues and cultural attractions in Denton, TX. This is Livability.com’s summarized definition of Dentoning, a word now common in Denton culture coined by Dentonite Scott Campbell.”

Scott Burns: Devaluing currency leads to prisoner’s dilemma

Economist Lacy Hunt thinks long-term Treasury bonds are a buy.

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Shallow depths belie waterparks’ hazards

YPSILANTI TOWNSHIP, Mich. — With their appealing slides and wave pools, splashing around at waterparks is an increasingly popular way to spend a summer day. But the shallow waters belie hazards that experts say visitors who are focused on the fun may be underestimating.


Goodyear retiring blimps, rolling out new cigar-shaped craft

LOS ANGELES — The fabled Goodyear blimp is retiring.

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Armadillo Ale Works signs lease to take over space on Bell

It’s been several months since North Texas beer drinkers have heard from Armadillo Ale Works.

Kim Phillips: Welcome center manager selected

The Discover Denton Welcome Center is coming soon and is big on the minds of Denton residents these days. Whenever we are out and about, Denton Convention & Visitors Bureau staff are accustomed now to fielding questions about it: When? Where? What? Who?

Scott Burns: Granddaughter, car represent life’s changes

COLLEGE STATION — The Prius my wife and I bought in 2003 is going to college. Its residency on the Texas A&M campus begins today.