Shopping shake-up

NEW YORK — This holiday season, elves and “joy” may be on the way out and “peace” and “hope” on the way in. A divisive election that left half the country deflated and the other half rejuvenated could reverberate through the holiday shopping season in the gifts people give or how they spend.


Kim Phillips: Festive weekend welcomes holidays to Denton

My husband, Tim, and I will celebrate our first Christmas in our new Denton home this year. Thanksgiving? Well, it was a blur.

Scott Burns: You can count on low-cost index fund investing

Please give a nod of thanks to Aye M. Soe and Ryan Poirier. These two, both researchers at Standard and Poor’s, have been working tirelessly to produce an important but utterly thankless bit of research with monotonous, unchanging results.


Kellogg worked with ‘independent experts’ to tout cereal

NEW YORK — On its website, Kellogg touted a “Breakfast Council” of “independent experts” who helped guide the company’s nutritional efforts.

Financial services high on Hispanics

Hispanics in the U.S. have long been known as “the sleeping giant” for their potential as a substantial and still-growing voting bloc. Now, some in the financial services industry are getting serious about targeting Hispanics — and Hispanic millennials in particular — as a prime source for market growth.

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Shop small, have a ball

Shopping small next Saturday will extend past the traditional downtown area, thanks to a new city initiative to include businesses throughout the city limits.


Kim Phillips: Count blessings 1 kernel at a time

Thanksgiving is a uniquely American holiday. According to History.com, this is how it all began: “In 1621, the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast that is acknowledged today as one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations in the colonies.

Scott Burns: Investment returns key to comfy retirement

What we earn on our savings is really important. Yes, I bet you knew that. But you may not know just how massively important returns will be over your lifetime of accumulating and spending.


Few people will achieve easy retirement

NEW YORK — The American dream of a blissful retirement, free of financial worries, is dying.


Airbnb adding tours, activities to its travel services

SAN FRANCISCO — Not content with just renting out spare rooms and vacant homes, Airbnb is adding local tours and activities like surfing lessons and pub crawls to its travel services in major cities around the world.

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Retailers tune holiday strategies

NEW YORK — Small and independent retailers are strategizing to try to make the most of an uncertain holiday season.


Critics say single-room apartments jeopardize Denton’s historic legacy

Independent student living companies with sights set on Denton could end up raising more conflict than profit. Single-room-occupancy apartment complexes market to students who move from another town and wish to live in the same vicinity as their school, but these transient residents who come and go — often after only one or two years — worry some Denton residents who praise the quaint homes intended for families to occupy for decades.

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Late-term rule limits gas ‘flaring’

WASHINGTON — With two months left in President Barack Obama’s term, his administration issued a rule Tuesday intended to clamp down on oil companies that burn off natural gas on public lands.

What’s open, what’s closed

Denton is preparing to say goodbye to a longtime cowboy stop: Weldon’s Saddle Shop & Western Wear. Owner Weldon Burgoon, 89, announced his retirement this month, and his family announced this week they’ll close the store after the holidays.

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Maj. Gen. Mary Saunders: Leaders turn obstacles into opportunities

Frequently, I am asked “How did you overcome obstacles to get to where you are today?” My view is we need to turn this thinking around. Instead of viewing situations as obstacles, we need to see them as opportunities.


Facebook juggles issue of fake news

NEW YORK — Facebook is under fire for failing to rein in fake and biased news stories that some believe may have swayed the presidential election. Its predicament stems from this basic conundrum: It exercises great control over the news its users see, but it declines to assume the editorial responsibility that traditional publishers do.

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Scott Alagood: Revisiting case of Lakewood Village vs. Bizios

My March 2015 column in Denton Business Chronicle discussed a recent case styled Town of Lakewood Village vs. Bizios.


Herbert Austin: Make it a tradition to shop, dine small

As we begin the holiday shopping season, let’s recommit to honoring our neighborhood champions, the Denton County small retailers and neighborhood eateries.


Retail sales jump 0.8 percent in sign of consumer health

WASHINGTON — American consumers ramped up their spending last month in a sign of robust health heading into the crucial Christmas shopping season.

Chuck Carpenter: State government a truly Denton industry

Between our two universities and the Denton State Supported Living Center, not counting our county and school district, over 12,000 individual careers in Denton are directly attributed to state government.


Heather Steele: Community involvement goes with customer service

Most businesses are rooted in their communities, and Denton is no exception. We teeter on the brink of being a large city, but we’ve got a small-town heart.

Area chamber round-up

Lyft replacing glowing moustache with beacon

NEW YORK (AP) — Ride-hailing service Lyft, the underdog rival to Uber, is getting rid of its iconic pink moustache logo and replacing it with something more useful: beacons.


Jonathon Fite: Investing after the presidential election

Two months ago in this column we underscored the need for caution in a complacent market. Whoa — what an intriguing two months it has been.

CEO: Election won’t keep Ford from moving Focus production

DETROIT (AP) — Ford Motor Co. CEO Mark Fields says the presidential election won’t change the company’s plans to move small car production to Mexico.

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Mixed Beverage Tax

Assumed Names

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Kim Phillips: Denton Turkey Roll on way

The Dallas Cowboys game was on the radio in the garage. Denton City Council member Dalton Gregory was at his lathe, crafting spoons from different woods when I arrived last weekend. Fishing and hiking gear were organized neatly along the walls among tools.

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Meat production helps offset feral pig problem in Texas

SNYDER (AP) — Sure, feral hogs cause their share of trouble. But if you like bacon and pork chops, Texas’ pig problem has a swine solution.

Scott Burns: We need to take better care of ourselves

We all know the cost of health care is ridiculous. Medical expenses now make everyone fearful of any kind of health event. Worse, a recent report from the Society of Actuaries indicates that life expectancies at all ages are actually declining.


Company offers Thanksgiving feast in box

NEW YORK — Even for the best home chefs, Thanksgiving is a lot of work. And whether you’re hosting friends or family, it’s a pressure cooker of a feast. Dry birds and burnt stuffing have a way of turning into tales told long after the plates are cleared.

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Zuckerberg denies allegation

NEW YORK — Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the idea that fake news spread on Facebook influenced the outcome of the U.S. election is “crazy.”

Investors plan bunker homes

DALLAS — A Texas investor group is planning for a doomsday scenario by building a $300 million luxury community replete with underground homes and air-lock blast doors designed for people worried about a dirty bomb or other disaster.

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Experts offer tips to find best Black Friday deals

NEW YORK — Serious deal-seekers are already planning their Thanksgiving weekend shopping, and experts believe that once again the holiday itself may offer better deals than Black Friday the day afterward.


Alive in the arctic

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — The landscape is virtually treeless around a coastal hub town above Alaska’s Arctic Circle, where even summer temperatures are too cold for boreal roots to take hold. Amid these unforgiving conditions, a creative kind of farming is sprouting up in the largely Inupiat community of Kotzebue.


Kim Phillips: Ready or not, it’s time to shop

It’s a warm, muggy Denton day in November. As I am writing this week’s column, I feel a bit like one of the forgotten on the Island of Misfit Toys that Santa passed over on the old Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer animated holiday TV special; except it’s fall and not Santa seems to have passed us by. Weathermen say the season will soon change, but we haven’t even had a good tease yet.

Scott Burns: Boats are the last cheap waterfront in America

LONGBOAT KEY, Florida — A couple walks into the store at the Longboat Key Marina. Both have deep, permanent dark tans — the kind you can imagine going down to their bones. I’m here getting my free early morning coffee and muffin, feeling a little guilty about the amount of half-and-half I am using.

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Small business owners to employees: Go vote

NEW YORK — Reports of long lines for early voting persuaded Darlene Hollywood — she’s giving her 13 employees at Hollywood Public Relations the morning of Election Day off.

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Break through the hype of unlimited data plans

Cellphone carriers are going all in on unlimited data. T-Mobile ditched its data packages in favor of a single unlimited plan. Sprint slashed the price of its own unlimited plan, making it one of the carrier’s cheapest options. And Cricket Wireless, Boost Mobile and MetroPCS now offer prepaid unlimited data at bargain prices.


Roadwork headache

Each commute to and from work is a dice roll for Christie Wood, the owner of Art Glass Ensembles on Bolivar Street — even though she lives less than half a mile away on Coit Street.


Kim Phillips: Denton tradition glues us together

One of Denton’s most captivating characteristics to me is what happens when we come together. I find it almost magical. It is original and independent, unlike anything I’ve experienced anywhere else.

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Local theme good fit for town

Next door to Salata and across the street from Riprocks and Lucky Lou’s is Fry Street’s newest local business, Caskey’s Bar and Grill and 1206 W. Hickory St.