‘Close to the mother ship’

One of the oldest members of the Denton’s craft beer community is opening another location near Fry Street.

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Kim Phillips: Small is the new big for Thanksgiving

How is it possible that Thanksgiving week is here? My Halloween pumpkins are still rotting on the porch, for crying out loud! I likely even have a decoration or two from last Christmas hiding on a shelf somewhere in the house.


Deaf owners overcome obstacles, prejudice

NEW YORK — Soon after customers arrive at Mozzeria for the first time, they notice something’s different about the restaurant: Virtually every staffer is deaf.

Scott Burns: A 12-step plan for effective health care

Many readers responded to my “health care monster” column. They challenged me with the same query: You nailed the problem, but what’s the solution?

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Lost luggage a common holiday problem

NEW YORK — Heading into winter, fliers should take extra precautions with their checked luggage — December and January are traditionally the worst months for lost bags.


Norman Roscoe takes over spot on Square

After sitting vacant for four months, what seems like a lifetime on the downtown Square, the Evers Hardware building now has an occupant, albeit temporary: Norman Roscoe.

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Kim Phillips: CVB takes state VIP #dentoning

It started with a tweet: “Congrats on the job. You should check out Denton soon.”


High-tech innovations mean higher sales for many small retailers in U.S.

NEW YORK — An independent retailer may not look like the cutting edge of technology, but these small businesses increasingly turn to apps and sophisticated software to connect with customers.


Consumers lead shift to cage-free eggs

WAUKON, Iowa — Alert and curious, hundreds of hens with bright red crowns and faces strolled out of a large chicken house midmorning into the fresh air and a fenced pasture amid rolling fields of alfalfa, clover, corn and soybeans. They cluck and coo, peck and scratch at the ground.

Scott Burns: Convenience of data does not correlate with accuracy

An anecdote from World War II tells us a lot about why most of what passes for investment data is wrong.

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Buc-ee’s could build site in Denton

Denton could be getting a Buc-ee’s, and residents in the neighborhood that backs up to the proposed site loudly voiced their concerns Wednesday night during the first community forum about the proposed travel center.


Enthused about brews

For Learn to Homebrew Day, dedicated home-brewers and newcomers alike visited Baron’s Brewwerks to watch live demonstrations and take notes.

Kyle Taylor: 3rd annual Startup Weekend Denton hosted at UNT’s Makerspace

The hardest part of starting up is starting out.


Not a hair out of place

Hair extensions can be expensive. Like $1,500 expensive. And the thing is, people will do everything they can to afford them, said Amanda Dawn Servis.

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Kim Phillips: Glover is a Denton visionary

It’s a bright, summer day in circa-1970s Denton. A couple of young teens are riding bicycles past the Denton Record-Chronicle heading west on Hickory Street, up the hill and toward the Square. Two cars motor slowly east in their direction. A couple of pickups are parallel-parked on the side. Otherwise, the kids have the road to themselves.


Businesses offer tiny house tryouts

CROYDON, N.H. — Hilary and Shane Lentz were hooked on the idea of a tiny house, but they weren’t sure the reality would be so appealing.


Small business owners just say no to preserve family time

Scott Burns: It’s a good thing to live beyond age 75

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel made an important announcement last year.

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DRC to unveil Shop Local website

Denton merchants, like others throughout the nation, continue exploring ways to generate new revenue on the Internet.

Kim Phillips: Charm of firefighter museum alive in Denton

“All of these fire trucks were just one guy’s?” The boy’s eyes were wide with wonder at the vast number of fire truck models, toys and collectibles displayed in the huge glass wall spanning the width of the fire station’s kitchen and living area at Denton’s Central Fire Station downtown. “His house musta been huge!” he exclaimed.

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Kubos, a Denton-based company that develops software for satellites, was one of five businesses to graduate from a three-and-a-half month intensive mentor-driven, business boot-camp program.


Decades of change

The Meador family has owned Meador Nursery since the early 1940s, when the business was only a few rows of fruit trees and rose bushes on U.S. Highway 377.


Free housing, other efforts try to attract women to technology

SEATTLE — Free rent and groceries were selling points, but college freshman Aishwarya Mandyam was more excited about the chance to connect with like-minded women when she moved into the eight-bedroom house offered up by a Seattle software startup.

Kim Phillips: Gamedays at UNT becoming big draw

Everyone is talking about it. Not enough touchdowns.

Scott Burns: Reverse mortgage a great retirement income tool

Imagine you are about to retire.

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Twitter CEO gives up $200M in stock for company employees

SAN FRANCISCO — After laying off more than 300 workers, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is trying to lift the spirits of the remaining employees by giving them 6.8 million shares of the stock he owns in the online messaging service.


NFL looks at streaming to grow revenue sources

The NFL, already a $10 billion a year business, keeps looking to grow even bigger.

Fossil fuel states sue over new clean air rules

WASHINGTON — States and industry groups dependent on fossil fuels filed court challenges Friday to President Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Union Park to feature food trucks on-site

Here’s an amenity that’s hard to beat: Purchase a home in Union Park and you can enjoy your own food truck park.

U.S. stocks back to black after summer struggles

NEW YORK — Maybe you shouldn’t have put your money under a mattress after all.

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Wal-Mart, others speed up deliveries to shoppers

BETHLEHEM, Pa. — Christmas won’t come early this year, but the gifts might.

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Publishers battle ad-blocking software

If publishers haven’t had a difficult enough time transitioning from print to a digital-first business model, a new trend in the market presents yet another challenge: advertisement blocking software.

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DraftKings, FanDuel pull out of Nevada, circulate petition

LAS VEGAS — As more states scrutinize the daily fantasy sports industry, the office of Nevada’s attorney general said it used DraftKings’ own words and online images as evidence the sites qualify as gambling.

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Kim Phillips: Planner’s Zone has answers

The following story is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Scott Burns: Our dependence on the rich continues to grow

Do we want our entire federal government to depend on a fly-by-night group of rich people?


Female sex drug could spur similar meds

WASHINGTON — Most women with low sexual desire likely didn’t rush to get the first prescription drug to boost female libido when it became available on Saturday. But they may have more options down the road.


Downtown grows up

On the final stop of the Apps & Zerts crawl, an event hosted by the Denton County Young Professionals, 940’s Kitchen & Cocktails co-owner McKenzie Smith thanked the crowd of 20- and 30-somethings for coming.

Wal-Mart sees its stock plunge after profit warning

NEW YORK (AP) — Wal-Mart stock had its biggest one-day drop in nearly three decades after the world’s largest retailer said it’s bracing for its profit to take a hit as it works to fend off competition.

Fast fashion

Oversized tribal cardigans, fringe vests and flowing dresses hang in cubbies and on racks throughout the newest retail store on the Square: The Palm Tree Boutique.

Kim Phillips: It’s time to come home

Remember The Wizard of Oz? Dorothy’s black-and-white everyday life bursts into brilliant Technicolor as soon as the cyclone drops the old Kansas farmhouse alongside the yellow brick road in a land among people the likes of which she’d never seen. I feel today a bit like Dorothy.

Scott Burns: Recent report shows the rich still are getting richer

Every three months, the Federal Reserve releases an enormous pile of numbers.


More online fraud expected as new credit cards arrive

NEW YORK — The new chip credit cards that shoppers are getting in their mailboxes may prevent criminals from stealing from stores, but many thieves are expected to move their operations online. Small businesses could be the most vulnerable.

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Gene-editing studies boom amid ethics debate over use

WASHINGTON — The hottest tool in biology has scientists using words like revolutionary as they describe the long-term potential: wiping out certain mosquitoes that carry malaria, treating genetic diseases like sickle cell, preventing babies from inheriting a life-threatening disorder.

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North Texas apartment rents increase at a record rate; average nears $1,000

Dallas-Fort Worth apartment renters this year are getting slammed with record rent increases.

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Oregon pot stores sell more than $11 million in their first five days

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Retailers sold more than $11 million of marijuana during Oregon’s first week of legal recreational sales, outpacing the early business done in other states that have legalized pot, according to the Oregon Retailers of Cannabis Association.