Businesses giving back

Mike Cheves is on a mission to integrate community, commerce and charity in Denton. The Denton-based consultant started working with a handful of local companies to incorporate charity into their business models in June. His client base has expanded since he started the initiative, and now he’s going to try to multiply himself by training others.

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Scott Burns: Sizing up your 401(k)

How many employers are wasting the money they spend on employee match contributions? How much can a cost-efficient plan add to your retirement security?


Heated competition

LAKE DALLAS — Rafael Ferrer took a moment to adjust his glasses, which had slipped down his nose a little in the noonday heat as he pumped more gas into the tank of his compact car. Ferrer saw the big numbers in the red-light display from the freeway as he headed into work Monday morning: $3.15 a gallon.

New app lightens social media load

University of North Texas student Jesse Stauffer and his peers are tired of hearing people lecture about what they should and should not post on social media.


Natural outgrowth

The selection of fresh tomatoes, garlic stalks and peaches on display at Earthwise Produce are all still organically grown in Denton, but the selection has started to expand thanks to a recent partnership with Johnson’s Backyard Garden in Austin.

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Janet Laminack: Learn how to water during drier times

Denton County received plenty of rainfall last week, but soon it’ll be time to think about watering our trees, lawns and landscapes again. Always remember that our irrigation systems supplement the rain, not the other way around.

Scott Burns: Book maps 401(k) costs

Is your 401(k) plan wildly expensive, average, or wickedly efficient and inexpensive? You probably don’t know. Your employer may not, either — particularly if you work for a small company.

Couple opens doors to dream

One couple’s dream became a reality this week when their Dickey’s Barbecue Pit franchise in Sanger finally opened its doors.


Tex-French flavor

SANGER — Rebecca Lawler wants her business to be known as a boutique for everyone.“I want us to have a reputation of [customers] going in there and finding anything from handmade to store-bought to candy...


Revival on the corner

The yellow building at the northwest corner of the downtown Square is getting a facelift, and a new tenant.

Briefly in business

Customer appreciation month downtownDenton Main Street Association is working with local businesses to celebrate customer appreciation month every Wednesday this month at businesses mainly around the downtown...

Scott Burns: Homeowners have inflation on their side

A lot of people are down on home ownership these days, some for good reason.


Lender to pay $10 million

Ace Cash Express has agreed to pay a total of $10 million as part of a consent order obtained by the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Shop dabbles in everything

SANGER — Barry Durham pulls up to Findings: A Little Bit of Everything in his white pickup to unload some new cargo for the shop he co-owns with his wife, Joanna.

Literal experience

Children gather at Barnes & Noble Booksellers in Denton nearly every Friday for a different type of story time.


Nemo’s returns

Back in 1979 when Brave Combo had just started, the “nuclear polka” band played on the back patio of Captain Nemo’s, a sub shop that had cheap pitchers of beer and legendary steak sandwiches.

Maggie Jover: Tips can keep summer’s bounty safe to eat

Fresh melons and berries fill the aisles of grocery stores and markets. Roadside produce stands full of homegrown fruits and vegetables are seen along the highway. All of these are signs that summer is here and so is a bounty of fresh produce.

Scott Burns: One law can show Congress’ interests

The passage, or failure, of a single piece of legislation is going to tell us a lot about whether our Congress represents the people of the United States or just its financial service industry donors.

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Video vignettes

A new series of mini documentaries about local businesses could help a local marketing firm promote Denton to future clients across the world and continue to grow the Denton business scene.

Brandon Boughen: Keep pond fish healthy in summer

The Texas summer weather can be hard on pond fish. Oxygen depletion in ponds is one of the most common problems in hot weather because warm water holds less oxygen than cool water. Fish also have higher metabolic rates in warm water, which can also increase their need for oxygen.

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Another subdivision in Denton County will break ground soon. A 250-acre subdivision of 700 to 800 single-family homes will break ground in Oak Point on July 9.

Scott Burns: It takes a lot to be a man of leisure

We should always be grateful for small things. This year I am grateful to French economist Thomas Piketty and his best-selling book, Capital in the Twenty-First Century. I haven’t read the entire 700-page tome yet, and I have some questions about how he translates the wealth concentration of 19th-century landed gentry in France to the wealth creation/destruction maelstrom of the United States, but I’m still grateful.


Luxury homes planned near lake

A Chinese-based developer is bringing a new luxury subdivision to Corinth, investing roughly $200 million in the area.


Hot sellers

Every day since opening its doors, Bet the House BBQ has sold out before getting to dinner service. Open for just one week, owners Cody Smithers and Shawn Eagle are still getting into the swing of things. The two friends have cooked together for years, branched into catering in 2012, and toyed with the idea of a restaurant since.

Personal profile: Carrie Carter

Janet Laminack: Program covers big tools to work land

I’m a minimalist by nature, but sometimes the right tool or piece of gear can make a real difference in performing a task. Much like a well-fitting pair of shoes can make a run easier, the right garden tool can make your work easier.

Scott Burns: Surviving spouse will have to adapt

Q: There is a very common contingency that no one seems to plan for. Everything is planned for couples — two Social Security checks, two retirement funds, etc. Since most of us are not fortunate enough to go out together, one will almost certainly be left to get along with half the income while our expenses stay essentially the same.


Getting an update

Not all of the new construction around Denton is starting from the ground up, as major restaurants and retailers are updating their existing locations.

Personal profile: Evan Stone

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Maggie Jover: Nutritious ways to start the day right

Did you know that people who eat breakfast are significantly less likely to be obese and diabetic than those who usually don’t? Unfortunately, many breakfast foods contain a lot of sugar and have been stripped of their natural nutrients.

Scott Burns: Adviser’s fees can hobble your return

Here’s a dilemma lots of people face: “I have a financial adviser I trust, but I am wondering if I would be better off doing some things on my own.” Reader B.A. asked that question recently.

Where tech meets tree

While he would help his wife with a Pinterest project every now and then, Ellis Swanson has never considered himself an artist.

Personal profile: Clint Wilkinson

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Scott Burns: Buy or rent? It depends on many factors

Some decisions involve a lot of money, but really aren’t about money. Buying a home or condo, for instance, is the largest financial commitment that most of us ever make. Money is a guiding consideration, but it is not the most important.

Janet Laminack: Gardeners to display bounty

It’s about that time of year again — time to show off what you’ve grown in your garden at the Denton County Fruit, Vegetable, Herb and Flower Show. This is a great event to participate in, even as a beginning gardener, and there are cash prizes!

Event to show off Sanger square

Sanger business owner and longtime resident Brenda Houchin-Childress wants more people to see what her city’s downtown has to offer, so she’s helped organize the first-ever Sanger Trade Day this Saturday.

Special to the DRC

Third time, with charm

SANGER — Jay Coin always enjoyed cooking barbecue, but he spent seven years building up the nerve to open a restaurant.

Bells will be ringing

It was just a few weeks before the big day, and Holly Hunnicutt and Jace Drew were about to see their wedding venue for the first time, even though they had booked it six months in advance.

Personal Profile: Kyle David Taylor

Brandon Boughen: Stewardship vital for generations to come

Stewardship, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is “the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care.” For this article, I want to focus more specifically on land stewardship.

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Scott Burns: Costs can put a strain on investments

Do you suffer from Intermediary Drain?


5W Collision Repair owners share fortunes via donations to charities

The day before the April hail storm struck in Denton, Jason and Brandi Weir decided business was doing well enough at their 5W Collision Repair that they could start donating some of their profits to charity.

Wave of new retail to hit

From cupcakes to cars lots, some new businesses are set to open early this summer after a wave of heavy construction flooded the city.

Personal Profile: Justin Vaughan