Where bliss begins

KRUM — After two and a half years of work, a modern events venue sits on a sprawling property nestled between private farms and homes in Krum.


Kim Phillips: Business in front, party in the back

Remember the mullet? The “business in the front and party in the back” hairstyle sported a short, professional cut in front trailed by long locks over the collar in back. This week, dentoning looks something like a mullet head.

Scott Burns: A better way to measure security for retirement

AUSTIN — Kenneth French paces in front of the auditorium. It is entirely filled with investment advisers from all over the world. He is in the process of telling them that everything they know about risk is wrong. The real measure of risk, he says, isn’t price volatility or any of the statistical tools in common use. It’s something else.


Diversity comes to Toyland

NEW YORK — Toy companies are working harder to think outside their usual box, offering more-inclusive items like dolls with disabilities, female superhero figures and characters with a range of skin tones.

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Employers spice up benefits offerings

Would you like some pet insurance to go with the health coverage your employer provides? Or maybe you need help paying student loans or saving for your kid’s college.

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How to break up with your bank

If you keep your money at a big national bank and the recent headlines about the fake-accounts scandal at Wells Fargo have you worried, it might be time to make a switch. Following these steps can make it easy.


Pets at work have perks, risks

NEW YORK — When a conference call turns tedious, Brent Robertson can still count on getting a smile from watching Gus rolling around on the floor. The golden retriever is a regular visitor to Fathom, Robertson’s management consulting business in West Hartford, Connecticut. So are Pookie and Ari, dogs owned by two of Robertson’s co-workers.


Paths to profit: Area haunt, costume shop about more than season sales

If you’ve seen zombies veiled from head to toe in pitch black robes meandering around the Fry Street area, it’s not your beer goggles kicking in.

What’s open, what’s closed

For 24 hours, 100 people camped out at the new Chick-fil-A in Cross Roads for its grand opening Oct. 13. The fast food joint joins others in the growing stretch of U.S. Highway 380.


First-timers buying more homes

WASHINGTON — For years, the U.S. housing market looked bleak for young couples hoping to buy their first homes but struggling with high student debt, low pay and meager down-payment savings.survey...

Tina Mims: Women innovate to help cancer survivors

Plato was known for saying “Necessity is the mother of invention.” With October being both Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Women’s Small Business Month, I want to inform you about a new business startup with an invention that tackles a challenge often seen in breast cancer survivors, then follow up with my own story.

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Builders worry about jobs while Navy celebrates stealthy ship

BATH, Maine — The stealthy USS Zumwalt joined the Navy during a weekend commissioning ceremony, another destroyer departed for builder trials Monday and five other warships are under various stages of...

Jonathon Fite: Investing in the absurdity of a distorted market

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) provides a forum in which governments work together to share experiences and seek solutions to common problems. Its mission is to promote policies that will improve the economic and social well-being of people around the world.

Chuck Carpenter: Luncheon to address mental health

Maintaining a safe work environment is becoming more and more crucial. All the rules and regulations preventing weapons, alcohol and illegal drugs, however, will have a limited impact on individuals who are dealing with personal mental issues.

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Unbanked Hispanics pay steep fees

Mayra Navarro’s bank closed her account after a series of overdrafts. She wasn’t eligible to open another bank account because she had been blacklisted by ChexSystems, an agency that tracks consumers’ banking histories. Like many unbanked Hispanics, she turned to prepaid debit cards, check cashing services and money orders, which all came with fees.

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Heather Steele: Form relationships while doing business

We’ve all heard it before: “You’ve gotta get out there and network!” “You’ve gotta form relationships in your community!” There’s truth to these statements, and in the back of our heads, I think most of us know we should be doing these things.

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Sam Burke: The legal perils of family business

Family businesses have an important place in America’s economy and our psyche. Family businesses (or businesses that start out that way, i.e. Wal-Mart, Berkshire Hathaway) not only make up a significant share of American businesses, they are tied up in our ideas about the best of the American dream.


Area chamber roundup

Taste for Good, one of the Argyle Chamber of Commerce’s annual fundraisers, was held at Lantana Golf Club on Sept. 13. Nineteen restaurants, two distilleries, two breweries...

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Mixed Beverage Tax

Salers Tax


Assumed Names


Unconditional love

AMARILLO (AP) — The day will come. There will be a final romp at the dog park, a final hunting trip, a final scratch at the bathroom door, a final mouse left on the porch or a final snuggle before bedtime.


Kim Phillips: Industrial Street Pop Festival ready to blast into past

A typical Denton scene: A few guys get together to swap stories and languish away a summer evening. As often occurs in Denton circles, the conversation turns to music. Randy Robinson decides this is the right time and place to propose an idea he’s been pondering for quite a while.

Scott Burns: Marketing misdirection offers lemon of a deal

It’s one of the great things about America. Everyone wants to save you money! Just look in your mailbox. If it is like mine, savings are unending.


Gourmet ganja? Pot dining growing up

LYONS, Colo. — How to set a tone of woodsy chic at a four-course candlelight dinner served under the stars in the Colorado foothills: Live musicians and flowers, check. Award-winning cuisine, check. Beer and wine pairings with each course, check. Marijuana pairings? Oh, yes.

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Election sparks problemsat work

NEW YORK — Dan Stewart walked into the room just in time to hear one of his employees say that one presidential candidate should be in jail, and a second staffer respond that another was the worst since Hitler.

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Wells Fargo’s damage becomes apparent after scandal

NEW YORK — It’s going to get worse for Wells Fargo before it gets better. In the wake of the biggest scandal in the bank’s 164-year history, distrustful customers are not opening as many checking accounts or applying for credit cards, and branch visits and meetings between customers and bankers are down, too.


Few young adults save for future

NEW YORK — Young Americans with even just $1 saved for retirement are ahead of the pack. Forty-eight percent of all Americans aged 18 to 30 have zero in retirement savings and no access to a traditional pension, according to a GenForward poll by the Black Youth Project at the University of Chicago with the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

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Service recognition

Though employees at Aubrey Pharmacy on U.S. Highway 377 stay busy behind the counter compiling hundreds of prescriptions, they know most visitors by first name.


Kim Phillips: Mom instills original, independent spirit

This coming Friday, my Mama turns 77 years old. I write this column every week to talk about Denton. Here, we discuss the stuff that makes Denton, Denton. People. Events. Our sense of place.

Scott Burns: Social Security the Big Kahuna of assets

In our economy, the most important “asset” isn’t actually an asset. It’s not something you own. It’s a variety of promises that our government calls an “entitlement.” Some call it “virtual wealth.” But most of us call it Social Security.

USDA: Egg group inappropriately targeted vegan spread

NEW YORK — An egg industry group’s discussions about thwarting the sale of an eggless vegan spread were inappropriate, a yearlong investigation by the U.S. Department of Agriculture has found.

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EpiPen maker to pay $465M settlement

Drugmaker Mylan will pay $465 million to settle allegations that it overbilled Medicaid for its life-saving EpiPen, ending one of the controversies over the soaring price of the emergency allergy injection.

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Sick leave effort grows

NEW YORK — The campaign to give workers paid time off when they’re sick is picking up momentum. A bill that would give workers for the Illinois county that includes Chicago one hour of paid sick time for each 40 hours they work was approved Wednesday. Sick leave referendums are on the November ballot in Arizona and Washington state.


Sprouts offers healthy choices

Savings-savvy shoppers braved the morning mist and a busy school commute Wednesday in Denton to be among the first to walk through the doors of Sprouts Farmers Market.

Sprouts Farmers Market opens in Denton on Wednesday

The first 200 shoppers at today's grand opening of Denton's first Sprouts Farmers Market will get 20 percent off their orders. The store, located at 4930 Teasley Lane, will open at 7 a.m. Wednesday after a ribbon-cutting ceremony. For shoppers who wait in the early-morning line, there will be free muffins and coffee samples as they wait.

Dave Lieber: 19 months later, car still in shop

So sad to see a long-established business fall apart. That’s what is happening at Jeff Fleming’s Auto Maintenance Center on South Elm in Denton.

Maggie Taylor

Stoked for Bootstrap

Bootstrap Denton, an annual mixer for the tech community, has evolved since 2014 when it was the launch party of nonprofit TechMill. Originally an introduction to TechMill and what it aspired to enable for the tech community, the organization has witnessed enough engagement from the public to make it an annual event.


Kim Phillips: Aqua Pop to provide sparkle to game day

Saturday is another Mean Green Game Day in Denton. It’s a 6 p.m. kickoff, which means plenty of time for hanging out downtown and tailgating before the game. Last week, game day shuttles were upped from two to four, thanks to Mean Green Game Day transportation sponsor Jagoe-Public.

Scott Burns: Risk of fixed income investing becoming too large

As if saving money wasn’t difficult enough, it’s now looking hazardous to boot. Reports from the Investment Company Institute show we are selling stocks and buying bonds. We’re also moving away from money market mutual funds. This is a big deal.

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Savvy strategy for fads also considers their ends

NEW YORK — When a product is hot, it can look like a surefire bet for an entrepreneur tempted to jump on the trend. A savvy strategy, though, takes into account what to do when the fad goes pfffft.

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Forgotten bank accounts can be a source of forgotten treasure

Finding money you didn’t know you had is like discovering lost treasure. For many people, there’s treasure to be found in old, forgotten bank accounts. Las Vegas resident Michael Catania was surprised when he plugged his name into MissingMoney.

Home decor showcase this weekend

Old-fashioned signs, refurbished furniture and the scent of kettle corn popping will mark Denton’s first Vintage Market Days, a three-day vendor showcase this coming weekend.