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Daryl Hively
DBC: Daryl Hively: Marketing ideas for the summer slump

DBC: Daryl Hively: Marketing ideas for the summer slump

It's that time of year when vendors and employees take much needed time off and business may slow a little. While sales may slow at this time of year, business owners can capitalize on this relatively quiet time by introducing a new marketing strategy, social media campaign, event, product, or by launching a retargeting campaign.

What's Open, What's Closed

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Jenna Duncan

Noles General Store is moving to a booth space at Antique Gallery in Lewisville after operating at 315 W. Hickory St. for almost six years. Christye Price, the store's buyer, said the business wanted to downsize and take away the daily commitment of running the shop. Move-out is set for the end of March.

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Bills where you can cut a better deal

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Liz Weston

The word “bills” used to be synonymous with “fixed expenses.” But there’s nothing fixed about many of the bills a typical household pays today.

DBC: Pricing out the prom

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Bossenbroek said juniors and seniors can sell cookie dough to pay for their $65 ticket and students who don’t have funds for formalwear can borrow dresses she keeps in her classroom. “We just want to make sure the prom is for everyone and that as many kids as possible can attend,” she said.

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Calendar of Events

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DRC Staff

Denton Hispanic Chamber of Commerce holds its monthly lead generator luncheon the second Tuesday of the month.