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DBC: Daryl Hively: Marketing ideas for the summer slump

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Daryl Hively

After spring and leading into summer, many businesses experience a "summer slump." It's that time of year when vendors and employees take much-needed time off and business may slow a little. 

Daryl Hively 
Daryl Hively 

While sales may slow this time of year, business owners can capitalize on this relatively quiet time by introducing a new marketing strategy, social media campaign, event, product or retargeting campaign.

Don't be leery of a slower period! A slower season gives you time to regroup, plan and experiment with creative strategies.

Some ideas include:

1. Hold an open house or social event

If sales are slow for you, host a fun event at your business. Bring customers back in with an open house that shows off a new product or service, rewards visitors with a freebie or provides refreshments and social networking opportunities for you and your customers.

2. Engage social media users

Solicit reviews and feedback by emailing your client list, as well as posting to your social media channels, and encourage them to write you a review in exchange for a coupon to your business or a freebie. 

Social media contests are a popular way to re-engage your followers and attract new ones. You don't have to limit social media contests to "like this post to be entered" campaigns. Encouraging your clients to submit photos of how they use your product or asking them to write why they would love to win the contest  would grow your brand's story.

3. Retarget audiences

Retargeting, or "remarketing," reminds people who have previously showed interest in your business or product to give you another look. Most first-time website visits do not result in a sale for a variety of reasons. The visitor may have gotten distracted or was on the fence about a purchase and forgot where they saw your product. You can retarget Facebook users as well as visitors to your website and other social media channels.

4. Offer exclusive seasonal products or services

Customers will visit your business again if they know there are exclusive, seasonal products or services they can get only at certain times of the year. Take advantage of this slower time to prepare any holiday or seasonal products or services.

Your marketing strategy should be agile and ready to handle any challenges. Don't be afraid of experimenting and trying new marketing strategies during the summer slump months. A slower time a year is perfect to implement a digital marketing strategy and test a few new campaigns.

Daryl Hively is the founder and CEO of Guarantee Digital, a full-service digital marketing agency. Guarantee Digital works with merchants of all sizes directly or via a network of sales and media partners in almost 200 markets.