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DBC: Chuck Carpenter: County legislators coming together for Chamber event

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Chuck Carpenter

This past February, the Denton Chamber helped coordinate a series of events in Austin in conjunction with the 85th regular session of the Texas Legislature. We had nearly 200 registered participants, representing a variety of interests from all over Denton County.

Chuck Carpenter
Chuck Carpenter

The regular session ended May 29; however, legislators were subsequently called back for a 20-topic special session. Some of these topics are provocative, depending on whether one's perspective is business-related, social or moral in nature.

I don't feel like we elect these individuals so they can tell each of us what we want to hear. Fortunately, our system allows us to inquire about any candidates personal beliefs in advance, with the option to then support whoever comes closest to our own opinions.

In an effort to maximize interaction with area constituents, the Denton Chamber will hold a post Legislative Luncheon & Briefing on Friday, Sept. 15 in the Gateway Center at the University of North Texas in Denton. Individuals representing the other chambers across Denton County have also been invited to attend.

Invitation letters have been sent to both state senators and the four state representatives that make up the Denton County legislative delegation. All six have participated in similar events following the legislative sessions in 2013 and 2015.

Details of the format are pending, but, the intent is to provide a setting for the delegation to report on key laws passed during the 85th Texas Legislative Session and subsequent special session.

Tickets are $35 per person and now available at the Denton Chamber office, 414 Parkway; or members may make their purchase online,