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David Minton

One-stop creativity

Profile image for By Rachel Mehlhaff / Staff Writer
By Rachel Mehlhaff / Staff Writer
David Woods is the project manager and lead developer for Square 205.David Minton
David Woods is the project manager and lead developer for Square 205.
David Minton

Agency gives clients what they need, all at one location

Paul Echols believes Denton has the right personality for his young business.

Square 205 is a full-service creative agency, offering clients branding, advertising, Web design and print products.

“Denton is friendly to creative agencies like ours,” Echols said.

Echols is a graduate of the University of North Texas and started his first business while he was there. It was a computer repair business called TACC (Technicians Against Computer Cruelty) Support.

At the time, he wanted to be an entrepreneur but wasn’t sure what type of business he wanted to start.

After various projects, he realized he was good at marketing and decided to start Storied Productions LLC, a commercial video business which recently became Square 205.

Echols started expanding into a creative multimedia company. He learned marketing, advertising and design.

He decided with the change in focus there needed to be a name change, so last summer he changed it to Square 205.

“We didn’t want to be thought of as just a video company because that’s not what we did anymore,” he said.

Echols likes being able to offer clients all the services at one location because it keeps costs low for the client, and it allows Square 205 to know the client’s brand, he said.

“They don’t have to teach multiple people who they are,” he said.

He works with businesses at all stages of growth.

“We’ll help a brand realize where they’re at currently and try to provide them with a plan to where they want to be,” he said.

In addition to Echols, Square 205 has five employees — two full-time, three part-time; and they also have two interns. 

He said it’s not just about reaching people; it’s about reaching people and providing them with something they care about.

Over half of Square 205’s business is local, including Sweetwater Grill and Tavern and The Wash Factory. And the agency is giving back by doing work for nonprofit organizations such as Keep Denton Beautiful.

Charlie Foster, managing partner of Ramen Republic, met Echols when he came in to eat at the restaurant on East Hickory Street.

“I think he understood what we were doing with the brand,” Foster said.

Foster has worked with Square 205 on some branding, creating menus, updating the website and creating promotional items.

“They’ve always been very creative with us,” Foster said. “They’ve been very flexible, supportive.”

He said the agency has been resourceful and provided multiple ideas.

The agency symbolizes the “younger, hip stuff” that’s happening in Denton, Foster said.

Square 205 also is working with Bookkeeper Girl Inc. to revamp its website and give its social media profiles a facelift, said Kim Pollard, co-founder and president of the business, which provides online bookkeeping and payroll services to small businesses.

Pollard decided to work with the creative agency because it’s local, and she believes they are innovative.

“I’m a creative person, and I like to do business with creative people,” Pollard said. 

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