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Fresh grounds

Profile image for By Karina Ramírez/Staff writer
By Karina Ramírez/Staff writer

New coffee shop offers varieties of blends roasted and delivered weekly

A year after opening their first restaurant in town, the owners of Seven Mile Café debuted a new coffee shop in Denton last month.

Josi and Kevin Klingele named their new location at 529 Bolivar St., Seven Mile Coffee Company. The coffee shop is located right across from their existing restaurant but concentrates on offering what they consider to be top-quality blends. It opened Dec. 28.

Some of the coffee blends roasted and delivered weekly by Portland-based Stumptown Coffee Roasters include a Hair Bender Espresso blend from Latin America, East Africa and Indonesia; Indonesia Gajah Aceh with aromas of blackberry compote and tamarind; and Ethiopia Nano Challa with lemon and blueberry.

“They roast it on Monday, and we have it on Wednesday,” Josi Klingele said.

The Klingeles said they selected Stumptown because the company is environmentally friendly and follows fair-trade standards.

“Stumptown is a big believer that their farmers are paid fairly well — they set up a good network of relationships with the farmers and offer them medical insurance,” Kevin Klingele said.

The roasting company also encourages farmers to increase their bean quality by following certain criteria, he said.

“As they get bigger and busier, that is how they are teaching their farmers to develop good quality coffee,” Kevin Klingele said.

The Portland roaster offers its coffee in Seattle, New York and Los Angeles, according to its website.

“We have several customers across the country,” said Travis Hale, trainer and educator with Stumptown. “The closest to Denton in Texas is a location in Austin. We have a restaurant group there.”

Hale said Josi Klingele traveled to Portland, where she received training in how to best brew their coffee. In return, Hale traveled to Denton to train her baristas.

He said all of his providers get the same service because the goal is to ensure they learn how to properly prepare and serve their coffee.

Stumptown was established in 1999, Hale said.

Hale called working with the Seven Mile Coffee Company staff a positive experience. 

“They embrace quality customer service and like taking advantage of the resources we have available for them,” Hale said. “They are very well organized and in touch with the community around them.”

Ten baristas work at both the 2,300-square-foot coffee shop and at the restaurant, which covers another 1,150 square feet, the owners said.

Chris Blaylock, 26, has been an employee of Seven Mile Café since it first opened in November 2011. He now works for both the restaurant and the coffee shop, devoting half a day to one location in the morning and then moving to the other location in the afternoon.

He said he likes working at both locations because he gets to try different coffee blends, including the local blend, Cuvee Coffee, and the Stumptown brand.

“Even though I think Josi wants me here full time,” Blaylock said looking straight at Josi.

“We are well aware that everyone wants to work here now,” Josi said breaking into laughter.

Blaylock said it is just something about the atmosphere that keeps attracting employees and customers to jump in next door.

“You can study, relax and talk to friends,” Blaylock said.

Not only can customers order from the restaurant menu but also enjoy free Wi-Fi, the Klingeles said.

Aimee Bissett, the new city of Denton director of economic development, said in an e-mail that she went to visit the new coffee location Wednesday. Bissett, who described herself as a big coffee lover, said the owners have managed to work well with the space.

“They own the building that the restaurant is in, as well as the old church building that the new coffee shop is in,” she wrote. “They purchased both buildings at the same time, but the church leased from them until they closed in late spring.”

The building was built in the late 1960s, according to records from the Denton Central Appraisal District. Before it became Seven Mile, the building housed the Denton Full Gospel Holy Temple and the First Church of the Nazarene.

The building had three coats of paint before it was painted the light green color it is now. The Klingeles said the new color has helped many people find the business.

“It is going really good, and we feel we have room to grow,” Josi Klingele said about the new location that also has three offices. “A lot of the community that support us next door has been coming here.”

The owners will continue to conduct special events to attract new customers. This past week, they held “throwdowns,” or coffee latte competitions, as well as free cupping events, when customers can sample new coffee blends.

Seven Mile Coffee Company and the cafe are named for the Klingeles’ honeymoon destination — Seven Mile Beach — in the Grand Cayman Islands. The Klingeles have been married for 12 years and have four children ages 2, 3, 7 and 8.

The coffee business hours work well with the children’s school schedule, the owners said.

“We always wanted to do a coffee shop here,” Josi Klingele said, “This is how we envisioned it.”

KARINA RAMÍREZ can be reached at 940-566-6878. Her e-mail address is kramirez@


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