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Personal profile: Joe L. Dunham

Name: Joe L. Dunham

Occupation: president, Le’ Dun Inc.


Birth date and place: Dec. 2; Texarkana, Texas

Family: spouse and business partner, Martha

The one thing I enjoy most about my work is: meeting interesting people. 

My business philosophy is: You become what you think about — anything is possible with the proper research and applications.

If I could, I’d be a: There is nothing else I want to be other than what I am.

I’m so sick of: loss of freedoms and increasing government regulations.

The four guests at my fantasy dinner party would be: Napoleon Hill, Thomas Jefferson, Henry Ford and Thomas Edison.

My hobbies are: brainstorming new ideas for business.

The last book I read was: The Law of Suc­cess in Sixteen Lessons by Napoleon Hill.

I wish I knew how to: fly.

My worst habit is: speaking before considering effects on others.

Nobody knows I: grew up in a poor family.

The person I most admire is: Napoleon Hill.

My guilty pleasure is: smoking expensive cigars.

I drive a: Porsche 911.

I’d like to be driving a: Porsche GT.

My favorite restaurant is: Gaido’s in Galveston.

I’m happiest when: new ventures succeed.

I regret: marrying too young the first time.

If I won the lottery, here’s what I’d do just for me: purchase the newest Porsche Spyder.

If I could change one thing about Denton, it would be: to streamline and simplify the building permit process.

When I retire, I plan to: Why retire when you love what you do?

Community activities: I’m newly relocated and looking forward to involvement in the Denton community.