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Personal Profile: Janice Sheppard

Name: Janice Sheppard

Occupation: Senior vice president of real estate — DATCU Credit Union

Birth date and place: Sept. 20 in Minneapolis, Minn.

Family: Married to husband, Rich, with grown sons, Ryan and Adam.

The one thing I enjoy most about my work is: serving credit union members and working with such great people.

My business philosophy is: follow your moral compass and do the right thing.

If I could, I’d be a: professional artist and photographer.

I’m so sick of: gun violence in our society.

The four guests at my fantasy dinner party would be: George W. Bush, Malala Yousafzai, Robert DeNiro and Barbara Streisand.

My hobbies are: painting and photography.

The last book I read was: The Eighty Dollar Champion by Elizabeth Letts.

I wish I knew how to: be good in martial arts.

My worst habit is: milk chocolates.

Nobody knows I: love to shop thrift stores.

The person I most admire is: my mom. She has always been the best role model and probably the most disciplined person I have known.

My guilty pleasure is: pedicures.

I drive a: Honda CRV.

I’d like to be driving a: Honda CRV.

My favorite restaurant is: Salerno’s in Flower Mound.

I’m happiest when: I am together with my family and there is laughter and joy.

I regret: There are really no regrets.

If I won the lottery, here’s what I’d do just for me: Take an extensive tour through the Holy Land to include the pyramids and Valley of the Kings.

When I retire, I plan to: do more volunteering for animal rescue organizations.