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Personal Profile: Caroline Moran

Name: Caroline Moran

Occupation, location: director of Business Solutions at GSATi.


Birth date and place: Oct. 28, Germany.

Family: My mother and my brother’s family reside in Austin and are my closest relatives.

The one thing I enjoy most about my work is: our culture and ability to have fun even when it’s crazy busy (all the time) and we get to drink wine.

My business philosophy is: I believe, “We are shaped and fashioned by what we love,” [by] Goethe.

If I could, I’d be a: flight attendant.

I’m so sick of: negative celebrity news.

The four guests at my fantasy dinner party would be: Jay Leno, Helen Mirren, Lenny Kravitz and Charles Osgood.

My hobbies are: backpacking, hiking, interior design, wine and dinner parties.

The last book I read was: The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls.

I wish I knew how to: dance as people were watching.

My worst habit is: not getting enough sleep.

Nobody knows I: would like to learn to play the violin.

The person I most admire is: anyone that is independent and strong in character.

My guilty pleasure is: allowing myself to be a bum.

I drive a: Nissan Altima.

I’d like to be driving a: BMW 650i series.

My favorite restaurant is: any great BYOB locale.

I regret: not becoming a flight attendant.

If I won the lottery, here’s what I’d do just for me: Buy a small home in Colmar, France, and find another home in a small Italian fishing village along the Mediterranean or Tyrrhenian Sea.

If I could change one thing about Denton, it would be: I like everything Denton but wish there were more establishments for the over-40-year-olds for the after-work “arm curls.”

Community activities: Denton Chamber Women in Commerce Committee; Denton Chamber Welcome Coalition; Women’s Business Council Southwest; and Alzheimer’s Walk in Denton.