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David Minton - DRC

Manufacturing expansion

Profile image for By Jenna Duncan / Staff Writer
By Jenna Duncan / Staff Writer
Barrels collect metal shavings for recycling in the shop at the new Mayday Manufacturing facility on Jim Christal Road.David Minton - DRC
Barrels collect metal shavings for recycling in the shop at the new Mayday Manufacturing facility on Jim Christal Road.
David Minton - DRC
The front office area of the new Mayday Manufacturing facility on Jim Christal Road is shown Wednesday.David Minton - DRC
The front office area of the new Mayday Manufacturing facility on Jim Christal Road is shown Wednesday.
David Minton - DRC

Industrial companies in Denton expand with others expressing interest in area

Major industrial companies in Denton are expanding and additional companies are expressing interest in moving to the area.

At the beginning of March, three potential industrial businesses made company site visits to Denton — as many as the city had the entire previous year, said Aimee Bissett, director of economic development for the city.

“If they’re making a site visit, that means they’ve narrowed it down to a handful of potential places, so it’s significant that we’ve had three in the past couple of weeks,” Bissett said.

This month, PDQ Manufacturing opened a distribution center for the PDQ Priority Quickship program, which sells architectural door hardware, according to a company press release.

From Denton, the company will deliver products throughout Texas, Oklahoma and northern Louisiana in two days or less, or local customers can stop by the location to pick up their orders.

What is helping the city more, Bissett said, is expansion of industrial businesses already located in Denton city limits.

“It’s better for Denton than new industry, because it’s our existing businesses that create the most new jobs for the community,” Bissett said. “So, to see our existing businesses expanding is a great sign that the economy is doing well.”

Tetra Pak Inc., which creates sustainable packaging and food processing solutions, will transfer its headquarters to Denton on July 1. The move will bring 15 positions to Denton from Vernon Hills, Ill., said Carla Fantoni, vice president of communications for Tetra Pak’s U.S. and Canada division.

“The move supports the company’s strategy to promote effective and efficient collaboration among employees, teams and functions, as Denton has already been home to Tetra Pak’s aseptic packaging production, commercial operations, customer service, and several other areas of the company,” she stated in an e-mail.

This year, the company will also add a new flexographic printing press to the Denton plant, which will help increase the capacities of the factory.

“While the current volume demand does not dictate adding new jobs, this investment helps to prepare the company for the future as volume grows,” Fantoni said.

Mayday Manufacturing is also growing, as it continues to move into a new facility. About 80 percent of the move is complete, which more than doubles the space the company previously had, said Gus Whiteman, aerospace sales manager.

“Metal finishing is still at the old location, but about 95 percent of the Mayday team is over here in the new building,” he said. “We are relieved to be under one roof for the first time in 50 years. It will certainly increase our efficiencies.”

He estimated having everyone in the new space will at least double the efficiencies of the company, as well as boost employee morale.

The move was necessary as the company hopes to continue on its current growth trajectory, growing an estimated 12 percent a year, he said. Production at the new facility will also increase.

At Denton Enterprise Airport, Greenpoint Technologies has been so successful since taking over Jet Works Air Center in October that it is already looking into expansion, said Quentin Hix, the city’s airport manager.

Currently, Greenpoint is working with the city on a “very aggressive” plan for expansion, Hix said. The company has made Denton the completion center for the interiors of Boeing business jets, bringing in large planes for interior work.

It is also a service center for the jets, and the company has started bringing bigger aircraft, 737s, to Denton.

Having these businesses look at expansion is healthy for the Denton economy, Bissett said, and helps attract more companies that focus on light assembly and distribution.

“Just generally speaking from an economic development perspective, we’ve seen a major uptick in Denton from the retail and industrial perspective — it’s exciting,” she said. “I think both of those industries are starting to get back into a growth mode again. It’s more conservative than it was prior to the recession, but they are starting to get back into growth again.”

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