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Personal Profile: Clarissa K. Redwine

Name: Clarissa K. Redwine

Occupation and location: co-founder, secretary and board member at TechMill in Denton

On Twitter: @ClarissaRedwine.

Birth date and place: May 14, Dallas

Family: mother, Kathy Redwine; father, Dennis Redwine

The one thing I enjoy most about my work is: building value.

My business philosophy is: Do it now.

If I could, I’d be a: sponge.

I’m so sick of: this beautiful weather!

The four guests at my fantasy dinner party would be: Fernando Pessoa, Carl Sagan, Ludwig Wittgenstein and whoever invented ice cream.

My hobbies are: collecting and pressing native plants, reading books halfway through and coming up with crazy ideas.

The last book I read was: Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea by Charles Seife.

I wish I knew how to: speed-read.

My worst habit is: thinking I know the right answer when there isn’t one.

Nobody knows I: I am an open book — I don’t think there’s one thing no one knows about me.

My guilty pleasure is: vegan ice cream!

I drive a: I don’t own a car.

I’d like to be driving a: I’d love to never own a car again.

My favorite restaurant is: Candle 79 in NYC.

I’m happiest when: chatting about ideas with friends.

I regret: every time I don’t finish dessert.

If I won the lottery, here’s what I’d do just for me: I’d buy up all the soon-to-be-developed land in Denton and let it grow wild.

Community activities: TechMill — we’re building an environment in which the Denton tech startup community can grow, collaborate and self-organize.