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Three new Denton startups you should know about

The Denton tech scene is continuing to change and grow, with new companies moving offices and starting operations in the city. 

During the annual Bootstrap Denton event, various company leaders, community organizers and data nerds talked about the projects they're working on now. The event, put together by nonprofit TechMill, is designed to be a way for community members to connect with other resources and businesses, and learn about what else is being developed nearby. 

Here are our top three startups whose leaders spoke at the event about their companies and why they plan to stay in Denton. 

1. Flyp 

This phone app allows users to pick new numbers to receive calls, texts and voicemail on their cellphones for a monthly fee. Through the app, users pick a new number with any area code they want, and can use their phone with the new number.

Rick Pixler, the company's vice president of global operations, said users love the app because they can easily divide their work, dating and school life. For entrepreneurs with a few different jobs, or real estate agents, the app enables them to divide and manage their work better while protecting their private numbers, Pixler said. 

The app launched in 2015, and after hitting one million downloads in 2016, it raised almost $6 million in seed funding, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Some of the company's operations team moved to Denton this year and work out of the city co-working space, Stoke. 

"Denton was not our home, so we'd love to get more plugged in, and it's an awesome community," Pixler said. 

 2. Upventur 

The social startup works with outdoor service providers and professional athletes to help people find and book outdoor adventures. There's guides for hiking, tour options and a way for users to review and share the services they find through Upventur.

When the company moved from Frisco to Denton this summer to launch its website, it immediately began to grow roots here. The team of four has expanded to 16 as they build out their office space next to Stoke, said Craig Pettigrew, founder and CEO of the company.

As the business continues to grow internationally and gain traction with outdoor enthusiasts, there will be a focus to continue growing the community here in Denton, too, he said. 

"We really wanted to focus on bringing people from the local community into our company and building the right culture we're looking for," Pettigrew said. "Denton was the right place for us." 

3. Nectar

Basically, this technology company builds hardware and software systems to control indoor vertical farming.

The company is working with restaurant chains to adapt to consumer trends for locally grown and organic produce, said Imran Charania, the founder and CEO. The Nectar system is automated to monitor the water conditions and climate, and make sure local produce can be grown all year.

"Basically what we do is manufacture and operate automated farms, and the reason we're doing that is because our vision is to transition the human race to a sustainable food system," he said. "By using these automated intelligent farms, we can make sure we aren't having chemical runoffs, tilling or anything like that." 

JENNA DUNCAN can be reached at 940-566-6889.