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NCTC briefs

Students learn about kidney-healthy diets

North Central Texas College nursing students recently learned about kidney disease.

For the 25 million Americans who are suffering with kidney disease, one of the most difficult things is changing their diet.

The second-year students in the Associate Degree Nursing program participated in a class project to find recipes that could be a good dietary choice for a patient who has been diagnosed with kidney disease.

Students had to work together in groups to come up with recipes that would be appropriate for kidney disease patients. The students then brought their food to class and shared it with NCTC employees who served as taste testers. These testers then shared their feedback on such things as taste, texture and appearance.

Renal-failure diets are very complex and they can vary depending on if the patient is using dialysis or not, but in general they will want to avoid too much salt, potassium, phosphorous or eating too much protein.

The food items that were tested included pineapple salsa and chips, low-salt macaroni and cheese, spicy angel cake, chocolate-covered strawberries and low-sodium pound cake. The taste testers voted the spicy angel cake as their favorite.

The experiment allowed the nursing students to see first-hand how restrictive diets are for patients with renal problems.