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Briefly: University of North Texas

Students head to West Coast to learn about retail and digital companies 

Nine UNT students will get to tour Google, Facebook and Amazon headquarters this month as part of a "Digital Study Tour" class. 

The five-day trip across the West Coast will be led by Linda Mihalick, a lecturer who is teaching the class this summer semester. 

"The point is to dream bigger, to open their eyes and to give them the experience of what it might be like to work in ecommerce and digital environments," she said in a press release.

The students will also visit  Macy's, Nordstrom, Walmart and Nike headquarters. 

Research begins this summer on how trees interact with black carbon

Professor Alexandra Ponette-Gonzalez and a team of researchers will measure how trees in Denton work as "urban air filters" for a National Science Foundation grant. 

The grant was awarded this year, and now they're ready for the research. Throughout the summer, the team will look at what pollutants are captured by post oak and live oak trees across Denton. They'll look at how much carbon from leaves, the urban air filters, washes off with rain. 

By studying this, they'll see where trees are most effective at capturing black carbon and other pollutants. 

Professors to research, then host conference with NSF grant 

Three UNT professors will research how political conflict can impact language and culture, then host a conference in fall 2018 to discuss their work. 

Shobhana Chelliah, a professor in the Department of Linguistics, is collaborating with James Meernik and Kimi King from the Department of Political Science for the project. 

They hope the conference will be further reaching than just their research. They want a variety of linguists and political scientists to work together to better understand how the politics of language and civil war are related. 

The National Science Foundation is funding the study and conference with a $42,515 grant.