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Briefly: University of North Texas

Professor develops game to build next electronic devices 

With the help of a National Science Foundation grant, UNT electrical engineering professor Gayatri Mehta has launched the third version of  UNTANGLED, an online game. 

The game has users unlock and arrange blocks, which on the back end of the game help Mehta build more efficient algorithms. The game basically has users find new ways to organize components of electronic devices.

These combinations can then be tested as layouts for the space design of electronics, Mehta said. The goal is to crease devices that are smaller, more powerful and have a longer battery life than current products. 

Mehta anticipated there will be another update to the game in the near future to let users collaborate in real time on larger projects.

UNT hosting mental health training initiative next month

Mental health professionals can learn more about helping veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder through cognitive processing therapy next month. 

The STRONG STAR Training Initiative, out of the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, will travel the state to help increase the number of clinicians in the state to provide leading therapies. 

A free two-day training is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 22 and Wednesday, Aug. 23. Applications to attend the training are due Tuesday, Aug. 8. To learn more, visit