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The quick brown fox leaped onto the roof of the Lomax-Carpenter-Reikofski house in the Denton Historic District. Resident Helen Dewey Reikofski was delighted when a neighbor snapped a picture of the fox on the stately Victorian home on Oak Street.

National Jerky Day is Monday. Make us proud, Denton. And stay hydrated.

Little Guys Movers is about to turn 25. The locally owned moving company has schlepped countless couches and pool tables into and around town, and the company also has donated its services for nonprofits who need strong backs over the years. Audacity Brew House will pour Little Guys Lifter a "refreshing lager" that probably tastes most excellent after lugging your buddy's sleeper sofa up three flights of stairs. The beer release will be from 4 to 8 p.m. Friday at Dan's Silverleaf, 103 Industrial St.

The Human Rights Campaign, which is the largest LGBT civil rights organization in the country, launched "Recursos en Espanol de HRC" on Tuesday. The initiative officially expands the organization's outreach to Spanish speakers and Spanish-language media. HRC President Chad Griffin said the initiative extends the group's resources to Spanish speakers at a time when Latin Americans -- heterosexual or LGBT -- are under "unprecedented political attacks."

Bet the House, a beloved local barbecue joint, is among the honorable mentions in the recently-published Top 50 Texas barbecue spots in Texas Monthly. Bet the House was named among barbecue restaurants that serve exemplary poultry. The Denton business earned props for their chicken. To read about the top 50, visit To read up on the honorable mentions, check it out:

Deborah Campbell-Green, an instructor at Denton's Twisted Bodies Pilates and yoga studio, performed a hoop dance at Pole Con International, which ran May 31 through Saturday in Florida. You read that right. This was a pole dancing and fitness convention. It's a thing, and the performers and participants are a combination of athlete and artist.

On Tuesday, every copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone had been checked out of the Denton public libraries. Looks like Potter fans are looking ahead to the famous fictional wizard's birthday on July 31.

Monday marked the 50th anniversary of Harold & Betty Gore purchasing Pender's College Store. The store was originally owned by the Pender family. Established in 1938, the shop had a soda fountain and full service grill. Harold eliminated the food service and re-named the company Pender's Music Co. in 1971.

Denton resident Gayla Strait has an Etsy shop selling hand-sewn items. She also makes re-usable feminine napkins (they are made of fabric and can be rinsed and laundered after use) to stock the Little Free Pantry on Elm Street. Jackson said she tries to put feminine hygiene products in the pantry once a week.

"Every time I put in a pad, it's gone withing 24 hours, so there is a need for sure," she said. Jackson decided to offer a charitable menstrual kit on her Etsy shop. A purchase will pay for the materials to make a pad or to purchase a silicone menstrual cup for the pantry. To pay for a pad or cup for the pantry, visit A single donation costs $5.

The Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas chose two University of North Texas Alumni among the nine new board members: Dr. Ken Helvey and JJ White.

The Barna Group, a research firm that focuses on faith and culture, recently partnered with Summit Ministries, an evangelical organization in Colorado that champions a biblical worldview in public life, to research the evolving worldviews of American Christians. The research had a single purpose: to gauge how certain worldviews have "infected Christians beliefs about God and the World around us," the research press release said. (Infected? Interesting choice of words.) The project found that of the self-professing Christians surveyed, 61 percent agree with ideas rooted in new spirituality. Other worldviews that are influencing Christians? Postmodernism, Islam, Marxism and secularism. Jeff Myers, the president of the Colorado-based Summit Ministries, isn't happy with the findings. To read the report, visit In the section about Marxism, Sen. Bernie Sanders is mentioned in the first sentence.

Last week, the Greater Denton Arts Council awarded community arts grants to nonprofit arts groups and microgrants to independent artists.

The Dentonite announced the 2018 Denton Art & Music Awards will be on Feb. 18.

Well, now this is funny. The Wee-Beasties, a long-running Denton punk band, announced on social media that it needs a trumpet player for a show on Saturday. They insist that "no experience [is] necessary." Good one.

Parting shot

"What I do is not up to you."

-- Diana Prince to Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman

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