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We're Denton Dammit – Aug. 24, 2017

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Denton Community Theatre did some late spring cleaning this week. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the local nonprofit staff and volunteers moved furniture and props onto the Campus Theatre stage for a grand sorting. Some items were saved for future productions, while others stayed on the stage for an upcoming sale. Then, they priced items, and broke apart set pieces for salvage lumber and parts. But in the biggest Denton-style flourish of all, Denton Community sent out an email that asked for “background singers for motivation.” We’d like a report on the motivational live playlist, please.  

We’re pretty sure that while lots of people love to travel, their favorite part is the destinations., a discount travel clearinghouse, confirmed our suspicions by surveying travelers about alcohol aboard airplanes. Sixty-seven percent of respondents said they oppose more regulations on in-flight alcohol sales and service, while 33 percent want more rules

Be nice to each other on flights, folks. And don’t text nasty things about the person in the next seat, because they can read it.

Denton lawyer Daniel Abasolo shared a property tax-math problem on Facebook recently. Abasolo has heard the lamentations from Denton renters about the rising cost of housing in the city for the past few years.

Abasolo crunched the numbers on a pricey duplex for sale next door to him. It’s just the kind of place undergrads and grad students love — two bedrooms and bathrooms, a modest yard and within walking distance of UNT and the downtown Square. Abasolo took his Facebook friends through the numbers: getting the seller down to $300,000 for the place, then rolling in property taxes, insurance and other annual costs. Even though Abasolo lives next door and can manage repairs and yardwork himself, he projected charging $1,300 per unit a month in rent.  

“The second biggest part of your [rental] expense is controlled by people that you almost certainly didn’t vote for or against,” he wrote. “While we’re rightly outraged about racist monuments, let’s not forget that budgeting is going on all around us in the city, county and DISD. If you’re a leaseholder in this town, that’s [property tax] basically a car note someone else is signing you up for. And there’s an excellent chance you totally blew your chance to demand better terms on that car note.”

In other words, local elections count, and those much-maligned millennials should show up and cast ballots in way bigger numbers.  

We’ve all heard the horrible stories of hardworking American families bankrupted by unfathomable medical costs. Former Denton guitarist Eric Keyes is living one of these stories. Keyes, who now lives in Dallas, is struggling to care for his aging adoptive parents, Marvin and Louise Keyes. Both are suffering from dementia and require round-the-clock care. Keyes’ performing career has come to a halt, and he sold his belongings to cover costs. Now, Keyes is selling keyboard, guitar and voice lessons as gifts in a crowdfunding campaign to raise a staggering $84,000 to care for his parents. The fundraiser is on

Former Denton resident and performer Tyler Donahue is among the ensemble of the touring production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Love Never Dies. The show is the sequel to Webber’s Phantom of the Opera, and Donahue performed in the German staging of the production.

Speaking of stuff that never dies, here's proof that nothing ever dies online: A tweet sent out by Denton County Republican Party Chairwoman Lisa Hendrickson in January has been making the rounds online. The image depicts a pickup with a large front plow that says "TRUMP" with text over the image reading: "Don't be late for work. Get the protestor plow." 

After a car actually drove into protesters in Charlotteville, Virginia, the image made the rounds on social media with reactions from disgust to laughter. Now, her county chair Facebook page is deactivated. Hendrickson is not seeking re-election for her position.

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