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We're Denton Dammit: Sept. 21, 2017

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Lucinda Breeding

We knew Pan Ector Industries — a successful screen printing company from Denton — was mobile. After all, they bring their mobile press to local festivals and sling T-shirts and prints as fast as they can. The Denton company went to Dallas Pride on Sunday, where they produced original T-shirt designs for the LGBT crowd and their supporters for hours.  

On Friday, we caught Texas Standard on public radio, KERA-FM (90.1). The show featured the Texas Gentlemen. Band member Beau Bedford said the twangy, roots-rock Texas band wouldn't be what it is without the music scenes of Dallas, Fort Worth and Denton. Denton drummer McKenzie Smith (who co-owns Redwood Studio, Paschall Bar and 940's Kitchen & Cocktails) is playing with the band now.  

You know you're in Texas when you see livestock (or the feral version of it) along a city street. On a recent Friday night, we questioned our eyes as we drove west on Shady Oaks Drive between Loop 288 and Colorado Boulevard. Our eyes didn't deceive us. A huge pig was just hanging out in the median separating the east and westbound lanes of Shady Oaks. Some Denton Record-Chronicle staffers figure it was just another feral hog, but the driver (features editor Lucinda Breeding) didn't think it looked like your average feral hog. It was pink with black spots, with no visible tusks and short hair. Breeding could only tell this much, though, because she back-tracked, slowed down and took a closer look. The pig didn't stick around long enough to pose for a photo.

City Hall West is empty right now. City leaders plan to renovate the building, but for what purpose they aren't quite sure yet, and that rubs at least one City Council member the wrong way. If Gerard Hudspeth, who represents District 1, had his way, the renovation project would be shelved until that question got answered. But he sportingly agreed this week to serve on a citizen-and-council committee that will recommend the future use of City Hall West, as did fellow council members Don Duff and John Ryan. You can join them. Council members will be appointing people to the committee over the next few weeks.

Twitter can be a big headache, but for University of North Texas freshman Braeden Langlois, it became a nice windfall. Lang was the 12,000th Twitter user to follow UNT President Neal Smatresk. For just one little click of the mouse, Lang got a $5,000 tuition award. You can follow Smatresk at @UNTPrez. (But don't expect any money for your follow.)

The Trump White House earned lots of flak when the president announced he was rescinding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, an Obama administration order that temporarily protects from deportation young immigrants brought illegally to the States by their parents. The Jewish Council for Public Affairs added its name to those who want Congress to pass the bipartisan Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act of 2017 — known as the DREAM Act.) The council is a U.S. nonprofit that advocates for the civil and human rights of the American Jewish community. 

When Tashina Richardson lived in Denton, she was a key player in Denton's Sundown Collaborative Theatre. Now that she lives in Chicago, Richardson is a seasoned train passenger who had just about enough of a group of men in suits taking up too much walkway and walking way, way too slowly. Richardson, who was running late on Tuesday morning, huffed around the men and turned to aim a cutting glare at the slowpokes. One of the men was waving at passengers and futzing around with an iPad. Richardson looked at him again to see that it was Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. The other slowpoke in a suit was a member of Emanuel's security detail.  

Former Denton resident and musician Kaela Sinclair found her first experience with an earthquake unsettling on Monday. The quake was a 3.6 magnitude and Sinclair felt it in Los Angeles, where she lives now. 

Parting Shot

"Fun culinary fact: If you swallow an egg white, and drive from Denton Center to Windsor via Hinkle, you'll have a meringue." 

Denton resident Hatice Salih, musing on the conditions of the few city streets not under construction

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