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Modern classics

Randall M. Good sits at a wood desk in a front sitting room in his home in Denton. The room, which functions as his artist studio, is filled with sketches and art supplies. Behind him sits a bookshelf full of art and art history books, most on the mannerist and Italian Renaissance traditions, which is his standard request when asked what he wants as a gift.


Keeping it together

SCRAP Denton, a nonprofit that resells affordable and reusable art, craft and office supplies, is adding new craft glues, jewelry-making tools and other materials to its array of products.


Not present

Wish I Was Here is a movie about what to do while waiting for someone to die. So, sit back and enjoy the guilt, recrimination, second-guessing and angst — plenty of angst. But wait, did we mention it’s a comedy?

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Beck’s activism hits big screen

Fathom Events and conservative commentator Glenn Beck have teamed up for the live simulcast of We Will Not Conform at 7 p.m. Tuesday at theaters around the country, including the Denton Cinemark 14, 2825 Wind River Lane.


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Primates reign

The boys are at it again. And by boys, we mean our simian cousins in "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes."


Greater Lewisville Community Theatre is marking the summer with a lot of heart and a little swish. The local company opens Harvey Fierstein and Jerry Herman’s musical comedy "La Cage aux Folles" on Friday.

Funny and sweet

The Denton-based Visual Arts Society of Texas has filled both the East and West galleries at the Texas Woman’s University Art Building with the work of its members.

Mixed media for many ages

Miriam Studios’ annual “Artastic Camp” opens on July 14 and runs throughout the month in Denton.

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The road to civil rights

The Lake Cities Library will screen three documentaries with recently uncovered footage depicting the American civil rights movement and struggles.

Vintage ’72

Two entertainment companies are bringing rarely seen footage of iconic San Francisco band the Grateful Dead back to the big screen.





Friday night lights

In Denton, the Fourth of July means homemade parade floats, a band with a funny name and lots of music.And, as always, a great big fireworks show presented by the Denton Kiwanis Club that helps low-income...

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Morning show

Denton artist J.R. Byrd takes music seriously. Himself? Not so much. The musician has been writing and performing in North Texas for a while now. He dropped his fourth solo record in 2012, a hodgepodge...

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Being Buddy

Brian Lambert didn’t have to work too hard on the music in Denton Community Theatre’s Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story.


Don’t get them started

Much of Begin Again looks familiar. And it should. The new musical is the creation of writer-director John Carney, previously responsible for 2006’s similar, curiously overpraised Once.


Armed to the teeth

The Syfy channel’s dedication to schlocky modern-day B-movies is the stuff of Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett’s dreams.


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Shared space

Denton’s fledgling mood-rock quartet Chambers looks to be destined for coveted Dallas music awards this year. Chambers, the brainchild of chronically underrated Denton song craftsman and guitarist Judson Valdez, just dropped its nine-track debut album to critical praise (no doubt helped by a cheeky social media campaign “Everybody Hates Chambers,” a video promotion that include the blessing of some of the city’s most respected indie musicians), got picked up by a label and has already done some touring.

‘Buddy’ beefs up cast with local musicians

Denton Community Theatre is taking audiences back this weekend with Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story.The show is this year’s “Encore” offering, a no-frills summer musical meant to raise funds for the company,...

Faith at the forefront

Sarah Vinson isn’t preparing something to fall back on. The 18-year-old Sanger resident is promoting her debut album, Shine, through Tate Music Group. Otherwise, she’s on campus at Dallas Baptist University, studying music business courses.

Lenses on Texas

Texas is nothing if not sentimental and romantic about the high and holy soil of the Lone Star State and the horses who cut cattle through it.

Brother-and-sister act

Bonnie and Nick Norris, a pair of redheaded Denton siblings, returns to the downtown Courthouse on the Square for the duo’s annual date with Twilight Tunes.


Say no more

David Wain’s They Came Together identifies the tropes of the romantic comedy with uncommon acuity. If only it would stop winking so much. Wain has made his film with an enviable collection of funny people.


No more Mr. Nice Guy

Bad Cop/Good Cop (voiced by Liam Neeson) is an unpredictable force in The Lego Movie, which screens tonight at Quakertown Park, 321 E. McKinney St., as part of the Denton parks department’s free outdoor movie series. In the animated feature, an evil tyrant is making noises about gluing the Lego universe into permanent stasis. An ordinary Lego construction worker named Emmet could save the stacked plastic world by fulfilling a prophecy that poises a “special” Lego character as the savior of the snap-together race. With the voices of Will Arnett, Elizabeth Banks and Alison Brie. Families can bring blankets and lawn chairs to the screening. Gather at 8 p.m. for crafts and a marshmallow roast in the park, and the movie starts at 9 p.m. Rated PG, 100 minutes.


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The best ever death metal songs about Denton

If you hear full-throated cries of “Hail Satan!” reverberate around downtown on Friday night, don’t worry. It’s just fans of the Mountain Goats singing along to a song about our city.

Visions in white

For a lot of American women, the bridal gown represents the most expensive dress they ever own.

Funky fresh

Dallas-Denton band Gravity Feed laces jazz with rock and ends up with funk that might melt a face or two.

Odds and ends

What could your child do with some glue, a compact disc and some snazzy fabric? Enroll them in Camp SCRAP and find out.

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Short on sweetness

"Jersey Boys" is based on the Broadway production of the same name. It is, of course, a musical, but at its core, it’s a familiar story of loyalty.

Full-tilt for food

Denton’s parks department presents a free movie at 8 p.m. today in Quakertown Park.

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