Group wants to re-examine Confederate memorial on square

At a long table in the center of Harvest House on Hickory Street on Wednesday afternoon, members of a group that’s branded itself as Dentonites Against Racist Traditions discussed their agenda.

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Spare limelight

This year, Denton Community Theatre made its annual summer “Encore” performance a retro event.Instead of staging a fundraising revue, the company brought back parodist Donna Trammell to create one of her...


We’re Denton Dammit

Very sad news: University of North Texas football legend Mean Joe Greene mourns the death of his wife, Agnes. She died Saturday. Oh great, another Internet hoax. This time, two women supposedly drugged...

Fiddle and fire

Bonnie and Nick Norris bring little Western swing, a little pop and probably a dash of jazz to Twilight Tunes today on the downtown Square.

Perry Bean

Everyman’s blues

Cory Branan’s hard-rocking country album No-Hit Wonder is a love letter to the unsung champions — the working stiffs, the weary ladies craving real love and the perseverance of the everyman.

Rambling again

Gainesville’s historic downtown is about to have some distinguished guests. Country band Restless Heart plays the Gainesville Summer Sounds concert series on Friday.


Loyal to the core

Semper fidelis. The Romans used to purr the phrase into their dogs’ ears, long before the Marine Corps adopted the Latin for “Always faithful” as their motto. Most faithful of all? Marine Corps war dogs. That’s the message of Max, a touching if somewhat clunky crowd-pleaser about one such dog who comes to live with the family of the soldier who died serving with him in Afghanistan.


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Father’s Day in the skies

Denton Air Fair Inc. is fueling up the engines for a Father’s Day weekend up in the air. On Saturday, the 2015 Denton Airshow will present pilots and aircraft from around the country in a celebration of aviation at Denton Enterprise Airport, with all proceeds benefiting Cumberland Presbyterian Children’s Home.

Milestone of heritage

Denton Juneteenth honors Texas history while it celebrates local heroes and families. Juneteenth commemorates the day — June 19, 1865 — when a Union soldier rode into Galveston bearing news: The Civil War was over and America’s slaves were officially free. This year’s celebration is a milestone — the 150th anniversary of Juneteenth.

We’re Denton Dammit

Deborah Leliaert, University of North Texas vice president for university relations and planning, has big guns representing her and her spouse, Paula Woolworth, in a federal lawsuit.

Gospel at sunset

Maylee Thomas prefers her rock ’n’ roll shaken with a draught of gospel and a shot of blues. Fans of Janis Joplin and Susan Tedeschi will find a reason to claim a patch of the Courthouse on the Square lawn for Twilight Tunes tonight, when Thomas and her hard-rocking, hymnal-thumping, boot-stomping tunes greet the sunset with a set meant to energize.

Sincerely sober

Mike Ryan heard mixed reviews about Nashville before he took a break from Fort Worth to make Bad Reputation.


Summer Cut goes Scottish indie

Scottish indie pop outfit Belle and Sebastian will headline KXT’s Summer Cut: The Happy Funtime Fest on Aug. 29 at South Side Ballroom in Dallas.

Nat Geo Movies

Uncanny valley

A child-like robot solves simple problems and recognizes objects in Robots, a new film that looks at robotics and the next generation of machinery, now in rotation at the Omni Theater at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, 1600 Gendy St. The film — developed by National Geographic Studios and presented in IMAX — gives audiences an inside look at robotics and the difficulty in mimicking humanity. Direct by Mike Slee, the film gives viewers access to labs, research area and more as it brings robots into focus. For ticketing and more information, visit www.fortworthmuseum.org or call 817-255-9300.

Play for peace

The Pilot Point Players are premiering Warren’s Peace, directed by Lyn Rodgers, at 7:30 p.m. Friday at the Pilot Point Community Opera House, 110 S. Washington St.


Life of the mind

I am 32. How does a 32-year-old review a film meant for children? The exact same way I review any other film: for the intended audience.


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Patrick Scott Patterson

Pixel perfect

The year was 1990. Hundreds of participants packed inside the Automotive Building at Fair Park in Dallas for a chance to compete in the Nintendo World Championship. At 14 years old, the boy narrowly missed his chance to play Super Mario Bros., Rad Racer and Tetris in the finals.


Frack show

Add two more celebrities to the roster of anti-fracking activists.Denton resident and noted drummer Ed Soph has been an outspoken advocate for better environmental policy in Denton’s industrial development.Soph...

Denton Dammit

If you’ve seen the movie Spy, you saw Texas Woman’s University alumna Luci Romberg in action. Romberg, a former gymnast for the Pioneers, was the stunt double for leading lady Melissa McCarthy in the movie — including the big helicopter stunt.


Quake aid

Denton musicians, artists and businesses are behind a benefit for survivors of Nepal’s recent major earthquakes.

Creatures great and small

Imagine shrimp that can break through glass, spiderwebs that are stronger than steel and sharks that use their snouts to sense the electrical impulses of their prey.

A little more night music

The University of North Texas campus might be light on students now that commencement has come and gone, but UNT on the Square resumes its free concerts starting June 18.

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To the heights

The Tenors, a multi-platinum, Juno Award-winning Canadian vocal quartet, will stop in Dallas on the group’s “Under One Sky” tour on Oct. 20 at the Majestic Theatre.Tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. on Friday,The...


Franchise defanged

There have been a lot of misfortunes in the Jurassic Park franchise. There was the embarrassing sequel The Lost World (by Steven Spielberg himself, no less). Then a forgettable three-quel, followed by years and years of talk about a new film Spielberg would make to redeem for Lost World.


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Gitmo Music

Master level

Callie Claytor — best known as Callie Dee in the local music scene — remembers bumping DJ Screw with her friends when she was about 15 years old. DJ Screw was the Houston artist who pioneered the “chopped and screwed” technique, slowing hip-hop tracks down so that they sounded like soundbites drowning in molasses and honey, or like the listener was living in the music while nodding out on sizzurp.

Get on the lawn

After a few performances at rain locations, Twilight Tunes will make its way to the Square beginning tonight at 6:30 p.m. on the east side of the Courthouse on the Square lawn, on Locust Street.


We’re Denton Dammit

Lorna Luft, the daughter of Judy Garland, name-checked Denton writer and music teacher Randy Schmidt and praised his 2014 book Judy Garland on Judy Garland on BBC Radio Scotland.

Ryan McGinnis / bigstormpicture.

Testing the twister

The safest way to watch a tornado is probably on an IMAX movie screen. The domed Omni Theatre inside the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History continues to screen TornadoAlley, a documentary that puts the viewer in the vehicle with Storm Chasers star Sean Casey to chase some of the bigger, scarier storms in Tornado Alley.

Al SMith

Glass slipper blues

Disney made Cindy a queen of fairy-tale princesses, and the rags-to-riches damsel shows no signs of losing popularity. The Dallas-Fort Worth area has two productions of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella opening this weekend for monthlong engagements.


Local celebrities and other Denton figures will come together at 8 p.m. Friday for All Star Karaoke at Dan’s Silverleaf, 103 Industrial St.

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Girls to the front

Missing 35 Denton?Fear not, the grass-roots downtown Denton festival baits its trap this weekend with “New Girl Order,” a showcase featuring Denton female-fronted acts: Shiny Around the Edges, Jessie Frye,...


‘Enchanted’ stage event

The Denton Community Theatre opens its production of the romantic comedy Enchanted April at 7:30 p.m. Friday at the Campus Theatre, 214 W. Hickory St.


Showbiz bros

Like the HBO show, Entourage delights in Hollywood excess. This is a world where you might land your helicopter on someone’s lawn to crash a business meeting, or take a little yacht to meet up with your buddy on his bigger yacht. It’s a land of celebrities, wealth and topless women.


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