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Break out the skewers

Profile image for By Lucinda Breeding / Features Editor
By Lucinda Breeding / Features Editor

Sketches leave no subject unturned in quest for humor

Rick Perry, Rush Limbaugh and Michele Bachmann walk into a bar.

Yeah, that’s kind of stretching it, but Denton independent theater company Fight Boy Theatre is going into local bars with its latest production — including the three national political figures portrayed by the players of Sketchy People.

Fight Boy Theatre has dabbled in risky (and risqué) theater, and produced a smidgen of male burlesque dancing. Now, the inexhaustible company is rolling its dice on Sketchy People, a sketch comedy show performed in two acts at local pubs Dan’s Silverleaf and Hailey’s Club and at the PointBank Black Box Performing Arts Center, with shows through the month and into October.

The company is helping writer, musician and comedian Stanton Brasher bring a dream to life.

“Travis [Barth, actor and writer] and I started talking about doing a sketch comedy show at least a year ago,” said Brasher, the co-producer and co-writer of Sketchy People.

Barth, a co-producer and co-writer, said he thought the idea could end up on stage. He also said he thought Fight Boy was the local independent theater company to stage it.

“It’s so much easier,” Barth said of writing short, complete scenes instead of a two-act play. “Way easier. When you have as many people sitting around the table as we did, you have too many ideas to use.”

Brasher said the moment indeed seemed right when Fight Boy accepted the pitch for Sketchy People.

“Everyone came to the table with an idea for a skit,” he said. “The hard part was deciding which ideas to develop, really.”

Sketchy People is a series of oft gutter-mouthed scenes that satirize popular culture, politics and people in the 11-person cast. For example: A couple breaks up as the Titanic sinks, a group of hillbillies can’t stop loving mayonnaise, and Rush Limbaugh tries to get Ashley Olsen, Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann to stay on topic — brain cloning — after a zombie apocalypse.

Barth and Brasher said they tested the sketches on anyone who’d sit still to read a short script or watch a comedy video.

“We bombarded people with it,” Barth said. “We totally did. When people came over, we’d be like ‘Hey, come read this.’ If they didn’t laugh, we talked about it. If they did laugh, we knew we had something.”


  • What: a sketch comedy show produced by Fight Boy Theatre
  • When: 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at Dan’s Silverleaf, 103 Industrial St.; 7:30 p.m. Sept. 28-30 at the PointBank Black Box Performing Arts Center, 318 E. Hickory St.; and 7:30 p.m. Oct. 5 at Hailey’s Club, 122 W. Mulberry St.
  • How much: Tickets are $10, available at the door.
  • Details: Rated R for language and mature themes.