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Compositions for the senses

Composer merges 3-D animation, electronic sound

The University of North Texas’ Institute for the Advancement of the Arts will present an evening of guitar, interactive animation and electronic music Friday.

Guitarist Janet Feder and artist David Stout will perform at 7 p.m. Friday at UNT on the Square, 109 N. Elm St.

Stout, a media artist and composer who coordinates the Initiative for Advance Research in Technology and the Arts at UNT, will perform his composition “Drill Wide Open.” The musical work merges 3-D animation, electronic sound and visual abstraction to create an audio-visual meditation on the dramatic landscape of the American Southwest.

“Drill Wide Open” uses an interactive software instrument developed in collaboration with artist-programmer Cory Metcalf. The system integrates audio, video and algorithmic 3-D procedures with a gestural sensor interface, allowing the performer to directly animate a select database of mathematically generated visual forms.

Feder, a Colorado musician, will perform her work “Postcard Stories.”

— Staff report