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Two for one

Profile image for By Megan Radke / For the Denton Record-Chronicle
By Megan Radke / For the Denton Record-Chronicle

The Helio Sequence’s newest disc boasts a companion album

With its fifth album under its belt, Portland, Ore.-based band The Helio Sequence has been on the road since early September and will be touring until the end of November. Prior to an appearance at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, the indie-electronic act will play Dan’s Silverleaf on Friday, supported by Ramona Falls.

“Denton is definitely one of my favorite places to play,” singer and guitarist Brandon Summers said. “There’s just something about the vibe there.”

The Helio Sequence formed in 1996 when Summers and drummer/keyboardist Benjamin Weikel were fresh out of high school. The two began playing music together but had yet to form an actual band. It wasn’t until Summers was asked to play a family picnic and had Weikel join him that The Helio Sequence came together.

The band’s name came about after it was subtly suggested to Summers. When someone asked what the band was called and he answered, “The Helio Sequence,” the name just seemed right, Summers said.

Summers says the band’s base in the Northwest has a definite influence on their music, especially because of the explosion of the local music scene when they first started.

The sound of the new album, Negotiations, is drawn from feelings of depth, space and realism. Summers says the new album is meant to be listened to all the way through instead of as a series of singles.

When fans buy Negotiations from the band’s label, Sub Pop Records, a companion album, Aces, will be delivered with it. Inspired by the Flaming Lips’ sonic experiments, the band made the two albums to be listened to simultaneously.

“The idea behind that was just an extension of the big picture,” Summers says. “It’s similar, and continues on the same space themes.”

Although their tunes could be considered atmospheric, The Helio Sequence’s live show is anything but relaxed.

“It’s less of a relaxed atmosphere and very much a rock show,” Summers said. “The show goes through many peaks and valleys — it’s an overall experience.”

The Helio Sequence

With Ramona Falls. 10 p.m. Friday

at Dan’s Silverleaf, 103 Industrial St. Tickets cost $13 in advance,

$16 at the door. Visit .