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Hometown holiday

Profile image for By Megan Radke / For the Denton Record-Chronicle
By Megan Radke / For the Denton Record-Chronicle

Parquet Courts pins tour on New Year’s here

Brooklyn-based Parquet Courts may call New York home today, but the band has roots in Denton.

They’ll be ringing in 2013 with locals by playing New Year’s Eve at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios, joined by Endless Thoughts and Sin Motivo.

“I booked the tour so that we would play Denton on New Year’s Eve, so that’s really the foundation of the tour,” frontman Andrew Savage said.

His bands Fergus & Geronimo and Teenage Cool Kids started here. Savage, a Denton native, attended the University of North Texas, where he met Austin Brown, now his bandmate in Parquet Courts.

Parquet Courts’ album Light Up Gold will be released Jan. 15 on What’s Your Rupture? Records.

It’s the follow-up to their debut effort, American Specialties, which was released only on cassette tape.

“The idea of the band wasn’t so fully formed then,” Savage said. “That tape is more of a stumble into our sound.”

Light Up Gold, he says, is more refined and is the sound of the band really coming together.

“Most of the songs are written by myself or Austin,” Savage said. “With me, it starts with lyrics, but some songs are completely point A to point B and completely realized.”

Other times, the germ of a song may start with a bass line, followed by the creation of lyrics and other parts until the song is fully formed.

While Parquet Courts has a punk sound, Savage said the band typically draws inspiration not from other artists’ definitive sounds, but from their favorite musicians’ attitudes.

“I’m into rock music, American rock, American punk, and the same with British music,” Savage said. “As a songwriter, the best you can do is kind of go from your influences and find your favorite things about them.”

Details: Parquet Courts, Endless Thoughts and Sin Motivo play Monday at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studio, 411 E. Sycamore St. No cover for ages 21 and older; cover is $5 for ages 20 and younger. Doors open at 9 p.m.