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Centro-matic out from hibernation

Been missing Centro-matic?

You can get your fill of the Denton band tonight at Dan’s Silverleaf.

The band released the subtle but stellar Candidate Waltz in 2011, and frontman Will Johnson released another solo record, Scorpion, last September.

The band is doing a short tour block starting in Texas. The first stop is in Denton, and then Centro-matic gigs in Austin and Fort Worth. In February, Johnson will set out for a short tour of living room shows across the South — Alabama, Georgia and Louisiana — and then back to the Southwest by way of Tennessee.

Centro-matic has been in the studio working on an upcoming album, and despite not playing live often these days — thanks to juggling multiple projects, raising families and branching out (to Frisbee golf, we’re told on the band’s Facebook page) — the musicians have a lot of water in the well.

In an earlier interview, Johnson said the band approached Candidate Waltz — the band’s 14th recording in 15 years — from a different starting point.

“We talked about those themes and approaches to the record,” he said before a sold-out show at Dan’s in 2011. “We talked about some different overtones than we normally do. We put some new wrinkles in our brains. The idea of focusing more on groove, more on rhythm, and less layered overdubs was something we decided to explore. We wanted it to have more immediacy than our other records.”

They’re with the band: Will Johnson, guitar and lead vocals; Matt Pence, drums, recording engineer and coordinator; Mark Hedman, bass and guitar; Scott Danbom, keyboards, bass, violin and vocals.

— Lucinda Breeding



With the Satans of Soft Rock.

9 p.m. today at Dan’s Silverleaf,

103 Industrial St. Tickets cost $12

in advance, $15 at the door.


or call 940-320-2000.