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‘Low Wishes’ puts Dallas’ Air Review on the way up

A powerful single called “America’s Son” helped land national attention for Air Review, even though the Dallas band hasn’t played much outside of Texas.

“This year will be our year to get out of state,” vocalist and guitarist Douglas Hale said. “We definitely have a great team in place now to help us get out there, tour and feel confident.”

It’s likely Air Review will continue its ascent in 2013. With last month’s release of the band’s second album, Low Wishes, Air Review has garnered praise from not only local radio stations and press, but from the likes of the Huffington Post and CMJ.

The indie-rock quintet began crafting its songs in 2008 in a desolate suburban garage, putting out a self-released album in 2009. The band played seemingly endless shows and garnered good reviews, but still felt something was missing.

After a year of reinvention, the band’s newly defined sound in “America’s Son” indicated it was on the right path. “America’s Son” became one of the most requested songs on KKXT-FM (91.7) and landed Air Review alongside Adele, Foster the People and Coldplay on the station’s Best Songs of 2011 list.

“‘America’s Son’ was really the catalyst for the new record,” Hale said. He said it showcases the more folk-driven direction the band wanted to take with its second album.

Hale calls the new record a real departure from the first, allowing them to focus more on melody and lyrical content.

Low Wishes was released Jan. 29 by Velvet Blue Music of Huntington Beach, Calif., and Dallas-Fort Worth’s Spune.

For Low Wishes, Air Review retained 100 percent creative control — which can be both a good thing and a bad thing, Hale noted. Band members worked together to produce and engineer the album on their own.

Air Review’s brand of folk-pop has translated into dynamic live shows, sharing the same stage as Portugal. The Man, the Flaming Lips and Grimes. The band’s influence’s are as diverse as the acts they’ve worked with. Hale said the Beatles, the Beach Boys, Little Dragon and Father John Misty have been inspiration to him, as well as other members of the band.

Those numerous influence can be heard in Low Wishes, but Air Review’s sound also manages to stand alone among the many other folk and indie groups out today.

Air Review will mark the release of Low Wishes tonight at Dan’s Silverleaf. Fans can also catch the band at Austin’s upcoming South by Southwest.

Details: Chambers, Air Review and Robert Gomez play at 9 p.m. today at Dan’s, 103 Industrial St. Doors open at 8 p.m. Cover is $7.

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— Megan Radke