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Cinemark Denton 2825 Wind River Lane off I-35E. 940-535-2654. .

Movie Tavern 916 W. University Drive. 940-566-FILM (3456). .

Rave Cinemas 8380 S. I-35E, Hickory Creek. 940-321-2788. .

Silver Cinemas Inside Golden Triangle Mall, 2201 S. I-35E. 940-387-1957. .




Identity Thief An account representative travels halfway across the country to confront the con artist who has stolen his identity and is emptying his bank account. With Jason Bateman, Melissa McCarthy, Jon Favreau and Amanda Peet. Rated R, 111 minutes — Los Angeles Times




Bullet to the Head Sylvester Stallone and director Walter Hill (48 Hrs., The Warriors) join forces for a hard-hitting exercise in beefy, brainless fun with this assassin-cop buddy movie set in New Orleans. Jimmy Bobo (Stallone), a tired and tattooed hit man, vows revenge when his partner (Jon Seda) gets sliced up. He teams with an out-of-town detective (Taylor Kwon) who’s been sent to investigate the murder of his former partner. Rated R, 91 minutes. — The Hollywood Reporter

Les Miserables (***) Tom Hooper (The King’s Speech) directed this big, brassy version of the stage musical with Hugh Jackman playing Jean Valjean, the wanted man followed and persecuted by the obsessive Inspector Javert (Russell Crowe). The film’s production values make the film visually engaging while the music never stops. Rated PG-13, 157 minutes. — Boo Allen

Warm Bodies The latest permutation of the zombie screen phenomenon places heart over horror and romantic teen angst over sharp social commentary. The story’s dystopian versions of Romeo and Juliet are Nicholas Hoult’s R — he can’t remember his full name — and Teresa Palmer’s Julie, whose meet-cute involves a shoot-’em-up that ends badly for her boyfriend (Dave Franco). Writer-director Jonathan Levine works from Isaac Marion’s young-adult novel. Rated PG-13, 97 minutes. — HR

Zero Dark Thirty (***) Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker) directed this movie concerned with the years-long process behind finding and then executing Osama bin Laden. Jessica Chastain stars as the dedicated CIA agent who doggedly continued on a long and tedious journey to piece together the clues that will lead to the film’s final, well-executed assassination sequence. With an excellent supporting cast. Rated R, 157 minutes. — B.A.