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Farm fresh

Cardo’s and chef teach how to set a wholesome table

Cardo’s Farm Project wants you to treat your vegetables with care. The same goes for your fruits and legumes.

The Ponder community-supported agriculture organization has invited James Grandfield, a sous chef at Hannah’s Off the Square in Denton, to teach a workshop on how to coax the most flavor out of vegetables, fruit and legumes.

Grandfield will teach at least one shortcut — how to select the best foods from the farmers market or the grocery store produce aisle. Grandfield also will teach workshop participants how proper storage can make these foodstuffs last, or how to store them for the flavor you want to use.

The sous chef will make a vegetarian soup and salad made with fresh produce from Cardo’s. Participants will sample food made onsite, and will leave with a “cheat sheet” of recipes that use the techniques learned for home cooking.

Cardo’s Farm Project promotes sustainable agriculture at its farm in Ponder, using composting methods, adaptive fertilization, planting and harvesting to yield crops made available to members of the project and local chefs. Cardo’s produce is sold at Cupboard Natural Foods and the Denton Community Market.

The workshop will be from 10 a.m. to noon March 16 in the barn classroom at the farm, 178 Seaborn Road in Ponder. Space is limited. To register, visit .

The workshop costs $40 per person. For more information, call the farm at 817-371-2278.

— Lucinda Breeding