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Denton’s finest to get patio swinging

Sweetwater Grill & Tavern will shoehorn 17 (give or take) musicians onto its tiny patio stage on Sunday so that local jazz buffs can get their fill of big band sound.

The Official Texas Jazz Orchestra will perform from 7 to 10 p.m. Sunday on downtown Denton’s favorite patio.

If the Last Bison was able to fit its good-size crew onto the corner stage during the very last Sweetwater set of 35 Denton, then hopes can stay high that the jazz orchestra can get a goodly number of musicians to play American jazz standards and maybe a new tune or five.

The jazz orchestra is the project of former University of North Texas jazz bandleader and saxophone player Jim Riggs. The orchestra boasts some strong sax men, too: UNT jazz studies chairman John Murphy, Chris McGuire, and Clay and Jim Pritchard. Keith Jourdan, Tyler Mire, Jack Evans, Rodney Booth and UNT faculty trumpet professor Mike Steinel are on trumpets. Mark Burgess, Chris Seiter, Greg Waits and A.G. Robeson play trombone in the orchestra. The rhythm section is UNT music faculty pianist Stefan Karlsson, UNT music faculty member Lynn Seaton on bass and Matt Young on the drums.

Details: The musicians play for tips at Sweetwater. Cover is free, but fans are invited to order from the bar and the restaurant menu. Sweetwater is located at 115 S. Elm St.

— Lucinda Breeding