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T-shirt revival

Old fabrics get dyed to be reborn and reworn

Well-worn clothing will find new life during Tuesday’s workshop at SCRAP Denton, “Re-use and Re-Fresh With Natural Dyes.”

Instructor Sarah Westrup will teach participants how to transform “faded thrift clothes into precious garments” by using surface design techniques and natural dyes, according to the class description.

The class, from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m., costs $35.

Westrup, a fiber artist, has taught classes for Cardo’s Farm Project, a local community farm and education center, and Oil and Cotton, a creative space in Dallas. Her fiber art was recently on exhibit at SCRAP’s Re:Vision Gallery, which displays works created from at least 75 percent reclaimed and reused materials.

Westrup owns a business called Sunbeam Operations.

“I teach natural dye workshops throughout the North Texas area hoping to show other creatives the potential of utilizing natural materials and techniques,” she said. “Materials such as prickly pear, hibiscus flowers and avocado pits are my source for color inspiration in my fiber work that explores Texas border identity.”

Class attendees should bring up to three white or light-colored textile pieces made of natural materials, such as cotton, silk, wood, linen or hemp.

Students will receive wooden panels, rubber bands, an instructional handout and blank booklets for storing dye swatches during the class, and they’ll take home swatches and dye instructions.

Donna Gregory, director of SCRAP Denton, said it’s encouraging when people can walk out of a class with something that’s ready to use and wear.

She hopes participants learn a skill that’s helpful to them in the future and with other projects.

“It may be a first effort for people into the use of natural dyeing,” Gregory said.

SCRAP Denton is located at 215 W. Oak St. For more information, visit www.scrapdenton.orgor e-mail .

— Britney Tabor