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There’s an app for that

Exhibit unveils way for smartphone users to make time-lapse photos

A University of North Texas professor is collaborating with academics at the University of Vermont and Washington College-St. Louis to make a mobile application that will recruit smartphone photographers in creating a sort of time-lapse photo of places and things in their communities.

“rePhoto: Relating Urban Ecology to Participatory Culture” is a long name for a science exhibit at 2 p.m. Saturday at UNT on the Square, 109 N. Elm St.

Ruth West, the UNT professor working on this smartphone app, joined fellow researchers in making a mobile app that will collect images of urban settings. For example, a smartphone user shoots a photo of a tree in Denton. The app West is helping to develop would align that photographer’s photo with previous photos taken of that tree. Each user’s pictures are added to a bigger set of images of a location or subject. The images create a longterm time-lapse image, showing how our environment changes with time and interaction.”

“rePhoto” is one of five science exhibits at the gallery. The other exhibits examine political repression around the world, three dimensional effects using information from the Global Ocean Sampling Expedition, new methods in mapping disease outbreak, the relationship between DNA and disease and how whom you marry might affect your health.

The exhibit is free.

— Lucinda Breeding