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Back to the ’70s

Fun-Addix to rock Square back to time of muscle cars, broad lapels

This evening, a warm summer night, the courthouse square is calling. Today, an original Denton group, The Fun-Addix, will be riffing Denton back into its wild 70s days with their takes on classic rock tunes. According to front man Thad Bonduris, a 39-year Denton native, these summer concerts are “very vibrant, people are having a great time.” Bonduris, also a local music teacher, said, “I’m glad we can still do this for people. I’m glad to be in Denton.”

The performance, starting at 6:30 p.m., is part of the larger Twilight Tunes series, which features a free concert every Thursday through May and June on the courthouse lawn in keeping with the city’s vibrant musical tradition. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the free concert, and Denton Main Street officials have reported record crowds gathering at the Square each week.

For younger members of the audience, perhaps not quite as experienced with the band’s groovy vibe, a bounce house will accompany the festivities, making this an outing fun for all ages. So just sit back with your Shiner (or Slurpee) and take in some good vibrations.

Up next Thursday: Bonnie & Nick Norris.

— George Joseph