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Ynfynyt Scroll to mix beats and borders at show

Anyone who missed Dallas-based DJ and producer Ynfynyt Scroll during 35 Denton (hey, a lot of us were stuck to venues for fear of not being able to get in during headlining shows), Denton entities Macaroni Island and Gutterth have your second chance.

The premiere house show spot — Macaroni Island — and one of Denton’s hardest-working production and recording groups — Gutterth — are bringing the clever and sonically stylish Ynfynyt Scroll to a more intimate space so the club crowd can bump and grind without having to head south.

Ynfynyt Scroll has loads of North Texas cred. The DJ and graphic designer is also CEO of the popular Dallas crew and record label Track Meet.

Here’s what to dig about Ynfynyt Scroll: The man is global. He can take hard-pulsing Spanish verses — spit or sung, whichever’s your pleasure — Persian-sounding melodies and ballroom house thumpa-thumpa and serve it up on a tasty platter.

And this is no muddy mess, folks. Ynfynyt Scroll pumps out cohesive beats with well-plotted stylistic idiosyncracies and just the right sound on repeat. Ynfynt is the product of a Southwest that is just as Mex as it is Tex, and a student of his own rhythmic curiosity.

The DJ shares the house venue’s stage with Flohawk and Houston’s Divisons.

Music starts at 9:30 p.m. Look for the action on Houston Place in Denton, or pick up the details by visiting . No cover, but tips are welcome.

— Lucinda Breeding