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Get your Gloves on

Punk, shoegaze and big hip-hop beats all in one weekend

This weekend, Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios is hosting some of Denton’s best musical performers.

Starting at 9 p.m. Friday, the stage at Rubber Gloves will sponsor hours of decidedly non-corporate music, featuring Austin’s Major Major Major and Denton’s Pageantry. Openers include the charmingly mellow Sacco and Vanzetti along with the Dome Dwellers.

Major Major Major is an indie/punk act whose traditional poppy riffs are reminiscent of a once-happier David Bowie. With just drums and guitar, the duo’s stripped-down sound can shift between aggressive garage beats and more reflective melodies.

But the big draw will be the night’s last performance by the oft-praised up-and-coming band Pageantry. The Denton band’s soft spectral chords jolt into sudden, dreamy and towering soundscapes only to come crashing down in a beautifully destructive musical crash. At times introspective shoegaze, bolstered by frontman Roy Robertson’s effective vocals, and at times big and wild in a reckless, psychedelic Wayne Coyne kind of way, Pageantry is refreshingly earnest — not that you can understand their lyrics. You can’t miss the mood, though.

On Saturday night, AV the Great — a promising Denton rapper who’s now a DJ for “K104” KKDA-FM (104.5) — will host a can’t-miss freestyle and beat battle. Avant’s performance in the rain at the 2012 35 Denton got many people talking, and the local lyrical beast came back to the festival bigger last March.

With two solid LPs under his belt and a huge one coming up, it looks like this town’s hip-hop scene is about to go bigger. As Avant put it: “Come be part of history!” (To see an extended interview with Avant, visit Doors open at 9 p.m. Saturday at Rubber Gloves, 411 E. Sycamore St.

— George Joseph