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Cinemark Denton 2825 Wind River Lane off I-35E. 940-535-2654. .

Movie Tavern 916 W. University Drive. 940-566-FILM (3456). .

Cinemark Hickory Creek 8380 S. I-35E, Hickory Creek. 940-321-2788. .

Silver Cinemas Inside Golden Triangle Mall, 2201 S. I-35E. 940-387-1957. .


The To Do List In 1993 Idaho, valedictorian Brandy Klark (Aubrey Plaza) can’t escape her goody-good image and lack of worldliness. Facing her first year in university as a virginal freshman, Brandy decides to re-evaluate her priorities. Her more experienced BFFs (Sarah Steele and Alia Shawkat) are dubious that Brandy can go from bench-warmer status to home base in one short summer, but with the experienced guidance of her sister Amber (Rachel Bilson), Brandy sorts out her priorities and identifies a shortlist of candidates to help her get into the game. Writer-director Maggie Carey’s script nails the raunchy-sweet tone required to bring off this R-rated teen-centered comedy with remarkable charm and relatability. With Bill Hader and Connie Britton. Rated R, 103 minutes. — The Hollywood Reporter


The Conjuring -- As sympathetic, methodical ghostbusters Lorraine and Ed Warren, Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson make this old-fashioned haunted-house horror film something more than your average fright fest. In 1971, they come to the Perrons’ swampy, musty Rhode Island farmhouse — newly purchased from the bank — to investigate the demonic spirit that has begun terrorizing the couple (Ron Livingston and Lili Taylor) and their five daughters. Director James Wan (Saw) succeeds in patiently building suspense not out of bloodiness, but those old standbys of slamming doors and flashes in the mirror. Rated R, 112 minutes. — The Associated Press

Despicable Me 2 Stealing the moon can be a tough act to follow. Despicable Me 2 finds reformed criminal mastermind Gru (voiced by the innately animated Steve Carell) more or less embracing his newly domesticated life after adopting Margo (Miranda Cosgrove), Edith (Dana Gaier) and little Agnes (Elsie Fisher). But he soon finds himself in a stickier situation when he’s dispatched by the top-secret Anti-Villain League to track down the perpetrator of a fresh heist involving a ginormous electromagnet. Rated PG, 98 minutes. — HR

Pacific Rim -- Guillermo del Toro co-wrote and directed this summer blockbuster about giant monsters that come from the bottom of the sea and threaten the world. Only a crew of manmade, Transformer-like machines can stop them. Or not. Entertaining silliness with spectacular special effects and plenty of action. Charlie Hunnam plays the once-fallen warrior now back for redemption against the creatures. Rated PG-13, 129 minutes. — Boo Allen

RED 2 -- If anything, this “Retired, Extremely Dangerous” sequel ups the ante. Somebody’s Wikileaked info about a secret bomb project that retired government assassins Frank (Bruce Willis) and Marvin (John Malkovich) were linked to decades before. Now they need to survive the hit men (Neal McDonough and Byung-hun Lee) sent to get them, and find the mad scientist (Anthony Hopkins) who built the bomb to clear their names. Directed by Dean Parisot (Galaxy Quest). Rated PG-13, 108 minutes. — McClatchy-Tribune News Service

R.I.P.D. A pair of undead cops are dispatched by the Rest in Peace Department to protect the world from supernatural threats. With Ryan Reynolds, Jeff Bridges and Mary-Louise Parker. Directed by Robert Schwentke. In 3-D. Rated PG-13, 136 minutes. — Los Angeles Times

Turbo -- Animated film about a snail (voiced by Ryan Reynolds), Turbo, with a fondness for speed. He accidentally ingests nitrous oxide and becomes so fast that a well-meaning man (Michael Peña) somehow enters the snail in the Indy 500. Kid stuff all the way but with a cast of recognizable voices, including Samuel L. Jackson, Ken Jeong, Michelle Rodriguez and Luis Guzman. Rated PG, 96 minutes. — B.A.