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Cinemark Denton 2825 Wind River Lane off I-35E. 940-535-2654. .

Movie Tavern 916 W. University Drive. 940-566-FILM (3456). .

Cinemark Hickory Creek 8380 S. I-35E, Hickory Creek. 940-321-2788. .

Silver Cinemas Inside Golden Triangle Mall, 2201 S. I-35E. 940-387-1957. .


Elysium In 2159, an ordinary man living on an overpopulated, ruined Earth takes on a dangerous mission to get to a private space station where only the wealthiest citizens are allowed. With Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, Sharlto Copley and Alice Braga. Written and directed by Neill Blomkamp (District 9). Rated R, 102 minutes. Opened Wednesday. — Los Angeles Times

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters A young demigod and his friends embark on a treacherous odyssey to recover the magical Golden Fleece from the Bermuda Triangle. With Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario and Brandon T. Jackson. Rated PG, 105 minutes. Opened Wednesday. — LAT

Planes In this animated film set in a world of anthropomorphic aircraft, a plane with a fear of heights dreams of competing as a high-flying racer. With the voices of Dane Cook, Stacy Keach, Brad Garrett and Teri Hatcher. Rated PG, 92 minutes. Opening Friday. — LAT

We’re the Millers -- This is an identity comedy with identity issues. Jason Sudeikis plays a pot dealer who, as a disguise for smuggling a huge shipment of weed, forms a fake family to drive an RV across the Mexico border. He gathers local stripper Rose (Jennifer Aniston), surly homeless teenager Casey (Emma Roberts) and his young, naive neighbor Kenny (Will Poulter). It’s a hodgepodge of comedic rhythms made to lurch from one crude gag to another. Rated R, 110 minutes. Opened Wednesday. — The Associated Press


Despicable Me 2 Stealing the moon can be a tough act to follow. Despicable Me 2 finds reformed criminal mastermind Gru (voiced by the innately animated Steve Carell) more or less embracing his newly domesticated life after adopting Margo (Miranda Cosgrove), Edith (Dana Gaier) and little Agnes (Elsie Fisher). But he soon finds himself in a stickier situation when he’s dispatched by the top-secret Anti-Villain League to track down the perpetrator of a fresh heist involving a ginormous electromagnet. Rated PG, 98 minutes. — The Hollywood Reporter

Fruitvale Station -- Ryan Coogler’s directorial debut is more than the dramatization of an obituary. It’s about empathy. In recounting (and slightly fictionalizing) the final day of 22-year-old Oscar Grant’s life, Coogler has made a film that piles small daily gestures — and one final, heartbreakingly tragic one — into an inspiring reminder about basic human decency. In a star-making performance, Michael B. Jordan (Friday Night Lights) plays Oscar, the San Francisco Bay Area ex-convict and former drug dealer who was fatally shot by a transit police officer early on New Year’s morning 2009. With Melonie Diaz and Octavia Spencer. Rated R, 90 minutes. — AP

Pacific Rim -- Guillermo del Toro co-wrote and directed this summer blockbuster about giant monsters that come from the bottom of the sea and threaten the world. Only a crew of manmade, Transformer-like machines can stop them. Or not. Entertaining silliness with spectacular special effects and plenty of action. Charlie Hunnam plays the once-fallen warrior now back for redemption against the creatures. Rated PG-13, 129 minutes. — Boo Allen

The Smurfs 2 There’s trouble brewing in the blue-skinned forest-dwellers’ new adventure-comedy, which mixes animation and live-action. Wannabe evil sorcerer Gargamel (Hank Azaria) intends to kidnap Smurfette (voiced by Katy Perry) from her enchanted-forest home to obtain the formula for the magical Smurf essence that Papa Smurf (Jonathan Winters, in his final film role) used to originally bestow her with blue-skinned bliss. With Christina Ricci, George Lopez, Anton Yelchin and Neil Patrick Harris. Rated PG, 105 minutes. — HR

2 Guns -- Denzel Washington teams up with that King of Chemistry, Mark Wahlberg, in 2 Guns, a jokey-bloody action comedy that could use more jokes and less blood. Washington is Bobby, a border country smuggler/drug dealer trying to do business with Papi Greco (Edward James Olmos), a Mexican drug kingpin. Stig (Wahlberg) is Bobby’s mouthy, trigger-happy sidekick. For some other reason, neither Bobby nor Stig has figured out that the other is a federal agent of some sort. With Bill Paxton, James Marsden and Paula Patton. Directed by Baltasar Kormakur (Contraband). Rated R, 109 minutes. — MCT