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Courtesy photo/UNT, Michael Clements

Sound start

If a child weren’t immersed in a language from birth, the lifelong impact could be devastating.

The same is true for musical foundations, says Warren Henry, director of UNT’s Early Childhood Music Program.

Since 1996, the program has offered classes for children from birth through age 5 to provide them with experience in music that can then be built on in school, he said.

“In order for kids to be prepared to learn music in a more formal situation, it’s important for them to be around a musically rich environment to learn how to ‘speak music,’” Henry said. “You want to give children a good solid musical foundation before they start to read and write music.”

Fall classes begin next Friday, Sept. 13, with weekly classes based on age group. A shorter five-week session on Saturdays will begin Oct. 26. The classes are taught by Heidi Scheibmeir.

Children’s musical aptitude is determined by the time they are 7 or 8 years old, Henry said, and without a musically rich environment, their aptitude will decrease.

Through playing with balls, scarves and puppets, as well as musical instruments, the course aims to create a foundation for future musical learning where a child can reach his full potential, Henry said.

“They are classes that are involved with listening and moving, certainly singing, and playing with instruments to work with a musical environment,” he said.

— Jenna Duncan


When: Ten-week Friday sessions start Sept. 13. Five-week Saturday sessions start Oct. 26. Class times vary by age group.

Where: Room 115 at the College of Music Annex, at the corner of Avenue C and Highland Street.

Details: Ten-week session costs $140 to $160. Five-week session costs $70 to $80. Costs vary depending on age; discounts are available for additional children in a family.

On the Web: For schedules, registration forms and more information, visit .