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Bandstand fever

Little Jack Melody to swing hard at Dan’s

Little Jack Melody and His Young Turks are ready to take you for a turn on the dance floor.

The local band, known for music that could swing in the dance hall or sway as a timeless track on an MGM movie soundtrack, takes the spotlight tonight at Dan’s Silverleaf sporting some familiar faces in its lineup.

The frontman, Little Jack (that’s Brave Combo bassist Steve Carter singing and backing himself on tenor banjo and sometimes the trumpet) keeps the music clicking along with Brad Williams on the keys, Ross Schodek thumping on the bass, Arjuna Contreras — an occasional drummer with Brave Combo — on drums and Dave Monsch playing reeds.

The uninitiated can think of Little Jack Melody and His Young Turks like this: The music is safe, with rollicking melodies and swingy rhythms, but not saccharine. The band doesn’t try to be inoffensive; it’s an outfit that was doing Michael Buble’s thing before Buble was a blip on the radar.

Spinning songs about desire, adventure and a charmed life, this outfit makes bandstands blare and bop in your imagination, and puts on a show to boot. Cha-chas, sambas and a hint of Brazilian beats: Ballroom dancing could happen.

A perk for patrons who come early: Tonight is the maiden voyage of Wunderland, the new project of Brave Combo accordion player Ginny Mac.

— Lucinda Breeding