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David Minton

Hope Trust hangs up its hat

Denton band bids farewell onstage

The Hope Trust is calling it quits.

The popular Denton band isn’t the victim of cataclysmic personality clashes or infamous rock ’n’ roll trips to rehab. Frontman, guitarist and lead vocalist Kelly Upshaw explained that the five-piece just sort of fizzled out.

“I think we just got to a point where we were having a hard time being productive as any sort of collective thing,” Upshaw said, “and I think it started to affect our relationships to a degree. I think carrying on a band when the personnel changes is possible, but for me, a lot of the identity of this band came down to particular people being a part of it.”

The Hope Trust is one of a few local bands to get enough traction to make it into the rotation on air at KKXT-FM (91.7), the North Texas public radio station devoted to music.

Kelly Upshaw said the band was working on its third release, which he now plans to release as a solo album.

After debuting in 2007 with The Incurable Want, which established the band as a legitimate member of the North Texas indie-folk scene, the band followed up with 2011’s Light Can’t Escape, a divergent record that took on meaty philosophical and theological riddles. The Hope Trust wasn’t the sort of band that pumped out material.

After a few lineup changes, the band is nearly back to its 2011 roster: Michael Upshaw on guitar, Andy Odom on bass, Jeremy Buller on keyboards and Tex Bosley on drums (instead of the busy Grady Don Sandlin).

“Andy, Jeremy and Michael are some of my oldest friends, and we’ve played music together for a very long time, but I think where we are in life has a lot to do with why it’s impractical to maintain the band arrangement,” Kelly Upshaw said.

The Hope Trust bids farewell to its hometown and fans with one more show Saturday night at Dan’s Silverleaf.

— Lucinda Breeding