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A very Bailey Christmas

Classic hits screen in time for holidays

Denton has explored the Santa-Martian war of 1964 with the men behind Mystery Science Theatre 3000, and now the Cinemark 14 yields the big screen to the holiday favorite It’s a Wonderful Life.

Cinemark started its holiday series with Elf on Thanksgiving weekend. The company ties a bright Christmas bow for the final film of the series with the 1946 classic by Frank Capra.

It’s a Wonderful Life meets ultimate despair in the form of a suicidal George Bailey, who’s grieving over the loss of a large sum of money and his own accountability for it. The film also meets hope in the form of an unlikely angel, Clarence. The angel gives Bailey a preview of his urgent wish — a look at what his small town would be like if George Bailey had never been born.

The film explores the necessity of relationships and the vanishing supply of character. Will George Bailey be able to keep the course of nobility with a villain like Henry Potter in play?

The film screens locally at 2 p.m. Sunday, Wednesday and on Christmas Eve, and at 7 p.m. Wednesday and Christmas Eve. The movie is suitable for all ages. For tickets, visit

— Lucinda Breeding