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Jason Janik/Special Contributor

Holiday lights

Neon Indian members, Yeahdef spin at Hailey’s

It’s a neon Christmas at Hailey’s Club on Sunday night.

That’s a reference to the music, not the lighting.

New York electronic musician (a one-time Denton resident) Alan Palomo and Jason Faries — both of Neon Indian — join Denton DJ Yeahdef for a night of tones and pulses.

Both Palomo and Faries will play their own DJ sets, as will Yeahdef.

Neon Indian is an alumnus of 35 Denton, not to mention a two-time guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon). Neon Indian’s debut, 2009’s Psychic Chasm, sounds as fresh today as it did when it dropped.

Then the outfit, which sizzles when live thanks to improvisation and smart visuals, released Era Extraña in 2011. The record had a narrative pull toward the dystopian side, less carefree and more intentional than Chasm’s beachy, nerdy, feel-good posture.

Sunday at Hailey’s should bring a night full of ear-opening goodness. Palomo, Faries (a Dallas guy who re-located to Brooklyn) and Yeahdef are cut from similar cloth.

All three have a talent for sanding away too-pretty edges from electronic music, yanking melody lines through a pleasingly dirty filter and straying far from the homogeny of predictability.

Consider the work of these clever men the dancefloor soundtrack for the thinking booty-shaker, because Palomo, Faries and Yeahdef don’t lull. They get limber, twisting beats around so they sound fresh and tribal and altering the familiar until it’s exotic.

Doors open at 9 p.m. at Hailey’s, 122 W. Mulberry St. Cover is $5 for ages 21 and older, $10 for ages 18 to 20.

— Lucinda Breeding