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Headbangers’ bill

Saturday night at Hailey’s is a gig full of metal

Hailey’s Club will push the furniture to the walls for a full-on metal set on Saturday.

All metal fans need to do is warm up their neck muscles for head-banging and prepare their faces for melting.

Dallas-based Pink Box Entertainment has put together of night of head-thrashing music, all from Dallas.

Wes Ford and the Foundry considers itself a psychedelic hard rock band, but Ford burns up enough notes on guitar to hold his own with proud metal heads. Unloading lots of noise in scathing seethers such as “Insist to Lie,” Ford blisters the fretboard with the heat of a thousand burned boyfriends.

“Dying Bad” starts out with an ominous, tolling church bell and leads into slow, grinding licks. All sorts of fearsome tools are listed: rusty saws, shovels and good old masculine indignation. Our narrator is worse for the wear, but he’s got fight left in him yet. The song builds a la Alice in Chains after the second verse. After some solo fireworks, we’re back to the beginning, with the narrator digging a hole. Whether it’s for him or his adversary isn’t spelled out.

What you see is what you get with Ford and the Foundry — lots of grinding guitar and rasping vocals. This is the stuff of biker-gang roadhouses. Light a match at your own peril.

Cover is $10 for ages 21 and older, $12 for ages 18 to 20. Doors open at 8:30 p.m. Saturday, and the show starts at 9 p.m.

The night also includes Mara Conflict, a five-piece band that mashes up progressive rock and alt-metal. Dallas metal-core outfit Decide Your Betrayal is on the bill with Dallas groove-metal group Sylo.

— Lucinda Breeding