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Wheels of passion

New Zealand roller derby doc headed to Thin Line

Filmmaker Monica De Alwis had plenty to shoot when it came to profiling the first roller derby league in New Zealand.

And yet her focus in her Denton-bound documentary, Pretty Brutal, tightened to three skaters: Pieces of Hate, Kid Vile and Naki Kronik. Why? Because the three athletes had to train together for their debut competition season. Then, the skaters had to go for each other’s jugular in the rink.

In getting to know these three women — all of whom risk significant injury in the rink, thanks to the full-contact nature of roller derby — De Alwis found that each skater came to the game for different reasons, even if all three yearned for sisterhood and connection.

The film screens at 10 p.m. Feb. 14 at the Fine Arts Theatre on the Square.

— Lucinda BreedingTHIN LINEWhat: A five-day documentary film and music festival

When: Feb. 12-16

Where: Films will screen at the Campus Theatre and the Fine Arts Theatre on the downtown Square. Live music will be at Dan’s Silverleaf, Hailey’s Club, Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios, Sweetwater Grill & Tavern and the Thin Line Tent, which will be located on a lot across the street from the Oak Street Drafthouse & Cocktail Parlor.

How much: $150 for an all-access festival pass; $75 for a film pass, which grants access to any film screening; $75 for a music pass, which grants access to any venue for Thin Line music; and $15 for tickets to see Sebadoh in the Thin Line Tent. For reservations, visit .

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