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Cromeens’ electronic duo releases LP

Denton artist Ashley Cromeens is best known as part of the noisy band Record Hop (once raved over by human beatboxer Reggie Watts).

It could be that Cromeens most definitive work is through her project Def Rain, an electronic outfit she shares with Grant Ring, who is CJ Abe Lincoln. The duo just released a self-titled LP through Pour Le Corps Records.

The record release includes a video for the organ-laden track “Enemy,” a deliciously trance-y track that builds with the refrain “all fall down” over caffeinated beats. The duo simultaneously released another track, “Love It When,” a tune that borrows a twangy retro melody that harkens back to the sexy, lazy guitar riffs of Elvis or Brian Setzer. Cromeens’ golden-throated contralto slides over the music, easy as pie, singing “I love it when you dance this way, I love it when you dance and sway …”

True to her indie rock roots, Cromeens doesn’t layer too much production gloss into the tracks. The sonic fuzz, a speaker feedback-like buzz and dampened effects keeps a real heart and soul in the music.

Def Rain has a CD release show at 10 p.m. March 21 at the Texas Theatre, 231 W. Jefferson Blvd. in Dallas’ Oak Cliff. Def Rain shares the bill with Party Static and DJ Benjamin White. Cover is $8. For tickets, visit . To buy the record, visit .

— Lucinda Breeding