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Teen episodes

Film festival puts youth struggle on film

A small film festival guides local high school students in writing, filming and producing films about their life experiences will screen at 10 a.m. Saturday in Crumley Hall at the University of North Texas.

The sixth annual Campecine Film Festival is a joint project of Denton High School Peer Assistance Leadership and Service and two teachers, associate professor of anthropology Mariela Nunez- Janes and Denton High physics teacher Tim Sanches.

The leadership and service group, which is part of a national organization, gives teens the means to express their emotions constructively and creatively. For the past eight years, Nunez-Janes and Sanchez collaborating with the Denton leadership and service chapter to teach a class on digital storytelling. They are assisted by Dallas-based spoken word artists and diversity educators Will Richey and “AP” (Alejandro Perez Jr.) of DaVerse Lounge, who work across the area teaching emotional literacy to youth through poetry, music and visual art.

The screening is free.

— Staff report