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What they’ve learned

UNT grad students show short films

Tonight, seven graduate students screen documentaries they’ve made during their studies at the University of North Texas.

The films explore diverse topics: a fierce and dangerous rock-climbing competition, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the grief of three lesbian widows. Professor and filmmaker Tania Khalaf said the students have gone through an arduous process to make their films.

“Making a documentary can be challenging in every aspect,” Khalaf said in a news release. “Once the footage has been secured, the most challenging part of the process comes: constructing the story in the editing room and making it interesting and cohesive.”

The screening shows the many storytelling techniques documentary filmmakers have at their disposal. One film tracks the hyper-verbal setting of local standup comedy, while others let images tell most of the story.

Khalaf guided the filmmakers along with Melinda Levin, director of the Masters of Fine Arts documentary filmmaking program, and Brenda Jaskulske, a senior lecturer and instructor of advanced graduate audio for film.

“I feel that audiences will find something to enjoy within every film,” Khalaf said. “The excitement of skydiving, the personal recounting of reporting the JFK assassination, intimate portraits of characters dealing with the extreme challenges of life.”

The free screening starts at 7 p.m. today in Room 184 in the UNT Radio, TV, Film and Performing Arts Building, 1179 Union Circle.

— Staff report


When: 7 p.m. today

Where: Room 184 in the UNT Radio, TV, Film and Performing Arts Building, 1179 Union Circle

We Can Fly — A glimpse into the mind of skydivers and a documentation of their experience. Directed by Xiao Cui.

Forever Family — A look at the people who open their hearts and their homes to dogs that would otherwise not stand a chance on the streets. Directed by Mark Dobson.

Wally —The story of Wally Linebarger, a man who is caught in the turbulence of truth. Plagued by a past that longs to define him and a future that remains unsure, Wally presses forward. Directed by Andy Galloway.

Two Four Hell — A visually driven documentary following two amateur climbers as they prepare for one of the country’s toughest rock-climbing competitions, 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell. Directed by Hannah Beavers.

With Oswald in Dallas — Retired KRLD-AM reporter Bob Huffaker recalls the John F. Kennedy assassination and the killing of Lee Harvey Oswald as he reported the events live in 1963. Directed by Travis Barnes.

Without Her — A quiet, emotional documentary that explores the grief of three lesbian widows, and how they cope and move forward. Directed by Lauren Cater.

The Bottom Rung — A look at Denton’s amateur comedy scene and its sense of camaraderie. Directed by Ron Lechler