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Scope out the situation

Buying a home telescope — for school-age children or for adults looking to start scanning the skies — can be confusing.

University of North Texas astronomy staff will set out some popular telescope models and answer questions from 7 to 8 p.m. Saturday at the UNT Sky Theatre planetarium, at 1704 W. Mulberry St. on the first floor of the Environmental Education, Science and Technology Building.

Attendees will be able to test the telescopes. Popular models are refracting, reflecting and compound telescopes.

Limited tickets are available for $5 each, cash or check only. For $8, guests can attend the telescope event as well as the 8 p.m. Exploding Universe presentation in the planetarium about supernovas and black holes.

To reserve tickets or ask questions, call 940-369-8213 or email

— Staff report