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Get ready for the sun

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By Lucinda Breeding

Relick gives listeners something to believe in

So far, 2016 has been good to Denton retro-indie band Relick. The band has gotten attention from Paste magazine, love from Dallas-Fort Worth news outlets and interest from The Local Ticket’s DJ Mark from KTCK (96.7 FM).

To be fair, Relick has a lot to offer 2016 in the way of Twin House, the band’s debut EP set to drop on March 4. The local four-piece plays songs from the release at Dan’s Silverleaf on Friday.

Twin House is exactly the record you might not know you need — an upbeat, happy-sounding record that bops and bounces onto the scene in spring. Ready to go underground as election season heats up? Pop a craft beer and listen to the six-track EP. Ready to get those shorts and flip-flops out for good? Twin House is the soundtrack for sunny days and good feelings.

That’s not to say that Twin House is all shiny surfaces and sunlight. In “Sour Grapes,” singer Amber Nicholson delves deep into a conversation that didn’t go so well — with all the things left unsaid and mussed feelings. But true to the sonic theme of the EP, the story is surrounded by such aural sweetness, you can almost feel the reverb from a prom in 1954, with the Penguins’ “Earth Angel” filling the space. And in “Bobblehead,” echoing ooh-oohs wrap around a song that sounds so simple, but might be about social anxiety and the way adulthood intrudes on childhood with bruising inconvenience.

Relick’s Nicholson, Matt Hibbard, Anthony Corsaro and Andy Rogers hark back to a time when rock was still freshly scrubbed and performed in a sport jacket. There are wobbly guitars, radio-show harmonies and infectious tempos. Think Rufus Wainwright, with more optimism to temper the realism.

Bright keyboards chase assured drumming. Everything unfolds beautifully on Twin House. And the band packs every song up expertly, but not before making a pretty rock mess beforehand. It’s a concoction that reminds you of the Beach Boys, the Strokes, and Call and Response (back when the band was making songs like “Light Bulb.”) And you know how you rock out when someone covers “I Think I Love You” by the Partridge Family? Relick jams in the same unapologetically pop vein.

Relick shares the bill with Kaela Sinclair, Leoncarlo and Beth // James. Doors open at 9 p.m. Friday at Dan’s Silverleaf, 103 Industrial St. Cover is $10.