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Who likes free money? Artists and arts nonprofits can register for community arts grants and microgrants through the Greater Denton Arts Council. Nonprofits can get up to $5,000 through the council's community arts grants, and artists can get as much as $500 through the council's microgrant program. The council debuted both programs in 2016 and got brisk response. An impressive number of nonprofits and artists collected monies from the programs. Applicants need only participate in online training that is already available and then apply at

District 1 City Council member Kevin Roden has always been a formidable organizer. He's among the hosts of a candidate forum scheduled for 7 p.m. March 20. The councilman might just be suffering from partisanship fatigue, since he invited candidates in an email to set aside the usual "issues" that can split constituents (and elected officials). "This forum will encourage both the candidates and the audience to leave politics at the door and get serious about big thinking for our great city."

On one hand, we empathize with Roden. It's grinding to serve the public in a time where things that wouldn't raise an eyebrow a year ago cause bloodletting today. But all those Big Ideas? They're implemented through politics. Politics is a way to hold officials accountable, too. And that isn't always a bad thing.

Thin Line, Denton's plucky documentary film, music and photography festival, is selling branded hoodies. Now, can someone pray, meditate or maybe sacrifice a chicken so that it will be cool enough to wear the hoodie between now and April 19, when the festival starts? Please? In the meantime, peruse the festival site here: Thin Line observes its 10th anniversary by offering free admission.

Denton resident Ray Roberts, whose name you might recognize from the Denton Record-Chronicle letters to the editor, wanted us to tell you that he's not impressed by critics of U.S. Rep. Michael Burgess with regard to the Republican-written health care plan drafted to replace Obamacare. Roberts said he was going to Burgess' town hall meeting last Saturday and was considering wearing a Trump cap and T-shirt to the meeting, but thought better of it.

Who keeps putting a pumpkin in one of the trees near Mellow Mushroom? And why? Really, send us a tip.

If you've been a part of Campus Crusade for Christ, chances are you've read all or part of Evidence That Demands a Verdict: Life-Changing Truth for a Skeptical World. Josh McDowell wrote the apologetics book in 1972. McDowell and his son, Sean, teamed up to write a new edition of the classic. Daniel Marrs, associate publisher for Thomas Nelson Bible Group, said: "The truth of the Bible doesn't change -- but its critics do." The newest edition addresses the latest challenges to the Christian faith with new research from the father-son evangelical bloc. The new edition comes out Oct. 3. No listed price yet, but readers can look for announcements here:

If you listen to KFWR-FM (95.9) "The Ranch," you've noticed a tweak to the station's format. The Fort Worth-based radio station has long been dedicated to Texas and Red Dirt music. Recently, the station threw some Nashville product into the rotation. The station sent out a press release Tuesday explaining the change. Listeners like a lot of music that isn't technically Red Dirt -- Chris Stapleton, Sturgill Simpson, Jason Isbell and Miranda Lambert. There are also Nashville artists who sometimes write and perform songs that fit under the Texas-Red Dirt umbrella -- Eric Church, the Zac Brown Band and Gary Allan.

Oh, hey. The 2015 Denton Community Theatre staging of The Rocky Horror Show is posted on YouTube. The whole thing. In 12-minute segments.

Denton returns to South by Southwest next week. Denton hip-hop artist AV the Great will make his first SXSW appearance at The 512 on 6th on March 16. The rap persona of Chris Avant will probably leave scorch marks on the stage.

Other Denton acts with SXSW sets include Lift to Experience, Claire Morales, Leoncarlo, Wesley Jensen and the Penny Arcade, Brutal Juice, and Midlake's Eric Pulido and his supergroup project BNQT.

UNT art professor Liss LaFleur will be a panelist at "Virtual Life's a Drag: Queering VR" at 3:30 p.m. Monday at the downtown Hilton in Austin. The panel will focus on how the idea of queerness and queer theory fits within digital spaces.

Parting Shot

"I accidentally turned onto University. Tell my family I loved them."

-- Denton expat Sunny Purdin, who wasn't texting and driving, because cars just sit in a line on University Drive, exacerbating our horrible air quality

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